Monday, 30 December 2013

New On The Vine - SAVVY by DB - New Products!

I have some new lovelies from SAVVY by DB to share with you today! Two new shades of blush, both matte, two new mineral baked bronzers, and a new shade of the Long Lasting Matte lipstick.

I had professed my love for one of the new bronzers in the shade "Radiance"( I use as a blush ) on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE to chat and share on Instagram! Find me @the_beauty_vine and come and say hi!

First up, the two new blush shades in 'Petal' and 'Plum'. Highly pigmented, smooth and easy to blend, and unlike the other shades I have posted about previously, these are both matte formulas. Not at all dry or chalky, they give a lovely flush of colour to your cheeks. These will set you back a cool $4.99 each.

SAVVY by DB Classic Blush "Petal"

SAVVY by DB Classic Blush "Plum"

SAVVY by DB Mineral Baked Bronzer $9.99
Left "Radiance"     Right "Golden Glow"


"Golden Glow"

Left 'Radiance'  Right 'Golden Glow'
Swatched in natural light.

L-R   SAVVY by DB Classic Blush 'Petal' and 'Plum.'   Mineral Baked Bronzer 'Golden Glow' and 'Radiance'

SAVVY by DB Long Lasting Lipstick "Gerbera"

I believe there are 4 new limited edition shades in this line, this one is a beautiful deep, rich, bright pink. Aptly named, imagine a beautiful pink Gerbera and your there! Lovely and creamy, intensely pigmented and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend using a lip liner with this shade because she does tend to wander a little. Unlike the other shades I have, this one doesn't ever seem to 'set', so avoid touching your lips when you are rocking this one. It will certainly draw attention, and as my lovely children informed me when I picked them up from school "You are wearing VERY bright pink lipstick Mummy!" Indeed.

I think this shade would complement a variety skin tones beautifully.

My Instagram post wearing 'Radiance', and feeling particularly radiant! As I said in my post, this shade will give you that "LisaLisaD1" glow! I love it, and would recommend this shade over 'Golden Glow'. It has a smoother texture, and although it does have shimmer/glitter, it has much better colour pay off on the skin. Lovely peachy bronzy healthy glow!

Here is 'Gerbera' on my all her glory.

You can find these at Priceline

I would love to know if you have tried any of these newbies?! Are you a bright pink lippy lover?

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Lou xo

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

On My Nails Today - New Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Another day....another trip to Priceline! I know...I have a problem...
So on this particular jaunt I happened to notice the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine display, and picked up these two shades to try. I don't have anything like these in my collection, and if you are like me and have too many nail polishes, than you are always intrigued by shades that are unique and a little bit different. Well, they are unique and new to me!

Left "Make Waves"     Right "Pearly Whites"

Make Waves is a sheer metallic blue/green/purple colour shifter. So pretty. I needed three coats on my nails to achieve the colour shown in the bottle. Be careful with this one, it does tend to show brush strokes, three thin coats work well.

Pearly whites is a holographic glitter, with small medium and large sized holographic flakes of glitter. My first flaky...and I am quite taken with her! I am looking forward to experimenting with it over different shades...I am thinking it would look rather nice over OPI's Russian Navy...
It was a little tricky to get an even amount of glitter on my nails, I ended up 'dabbing' it onto my nail to get a more even coverage.

I think these two shades layered make a very pretty pair. I have included quite a few pictures to show how the colour shifts in different lights. In these photos I have three coats of 'Make Waves' , one coat of 'Pearly Whites' on the accent nails, and top coat over all nails.

The top cap removes to reveal a smaller, user friendly brush handle.

The brush is wide and rounded, and looks to be the same brush as the one from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range, which I love. The rounded tip fits my nail beds perfectly, allowing for easier application and a neater look near the cuticle.

Have you tried any of the new Triple Shine formula's?

Check them out at Priceline 

I so appreciate you visiting my blog! If you do leave a comment thank you so much for taking the time to do so!


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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Her Fashion Box November 2013

I have the Her Fashion Box 'Feminine' edition to share with you today! I had decided to switch it up from the Classic box this month, and I am enjoying the change of style to something a little softer.
Although my box was a little late due to a few technical difficulties, I can assure you that my experience with their customer service team was excellent. Prompt, friendly communication which resulted in my box arriving a few days later complete with a few extra goodies. Nice.  

Her Fashion Box "Feminine" November 2013

Her Fashion Box "Laces At The Races" necklace  RRP $14.95

Her Fashion Box "Powder Puff" bracelet  RRP $19.95

Orly Nail Lacquers in "Peaceful Opposition" and "Lollipop" RRP $18.95 each

Two coats of "Lollipop" ...accent nails have one coat of "Peaceful Opposition"
Lollipop applied nicely, two coats to achieve a nice opaque finish, lovely formula which was easy to work with. Peaceful Opposition has a very sheer creamy base, and square and hex silver glitters. Perfect subtle glitter topper.

Model Co Gel Eyeliner in Black RRP $26.00
Her Fashion Box 'Ring Around the Rosie' bangle pack  RRP $14.95

The inbuilt brush worked quite nicely to apply the gel liner, however after first use you can see some of the brush hairs starting to splay a little. The gel liner itself was smooth, creamy and lovely to apply, however after several hours did start to transfer and smudge. I have quite oily eyelids though, and need to play around with this a little more and try some different eye primers.

Urban Rituelle Beachcomer Soothing Body Balm in 'Coconut and Honey', and 'Island Citrus'.

Coconut and Honey   "...A smooth and velvety fragrance of blissfully sweet coconut and flowery nectar, dipped in warm honey.."

Island Citrus  " ...A delightfully refreshing fragrance bursting with crisp citrus notes of orange,lime and grapefruit, layered with the soft scent of bergamot and rose..."

Oh yes...such a beautiful formula, very nourishing, not sticky or tacky, and smells Devine!
*immediately rubs all over poor tired body*

There is a promo code for 20% off your next purchase from Urban Rituelle inside the HFB magazine. 
Soothing Body Balms are also available in the blends "Mango Melt" and "Frangipani"
....I need to lie down...

Her Fashion Box hair donut RRP $6.95   
Her Fashion Box "The Twiggy" head scarf  RRP $9.95

Having blonde highlighted hair might be an issue for the black hair donut, so I will gift this to a friend! The head scarf, which is more of a headband really, is quite pretty, however I find headbands nice at first then they just annoy me! See the picture below for my take on a feminine look using the scarf in a different way. I added a braid to a side bun, and a matte bright pink lip!

Hallmark Signature Collection Cards RRP $6.99 - $12.99

A nice box filler. Everyone can use a nice card, and you could decide to gift something from your box to someone and you have a lovely card to go with it!

I am enjoying my change to the Feminine box. I think this month's box is very good value, in particular having two full sized Orly nail polishes! Loving the statement necklace and the cuff, the bangles are not really my bag, you can see from the picture above I just took out the neon pink ones and kept the gold.
LOVING the Urban Rituelle goodies and will definitely be heading to their website to check out their others products ( candles, lip balms...*swoon* )

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Beauty Buys - Bare Minerals "All the Faves"

After seeing Emily Eddington's video reviewing this gift set on her You Tube channel I knew that it would be a great one to purchase. Emily does such amazing reviews and tutorials, and is one of my favourite beauty guru's to watch. Click on her name above, this will take you to her blog and you can navigate to her You Tube channel from there ( if there is anyone out there who isn't already a subscriber of hers!!) 

I purchased this gift set online from Mecca Cosmetica here in Australia for $54.95. Mecca have some great gift sets for beauty lovers, and offer great customer service and prompt delivery.

I am new to the Bare Minerals brand, and thought that this set would be a great introduction to some of their products. Although this gift set itself is limited edition, all of the products are part of their permanent line, allowing you the option of purchasing any of the products in their full size if you desire.
Nothing worse than falling in love with a limited edition product!

All products are quite good sized mini's, and I feel really good value for money. Apart from your base you can create a complete look with this kit, and I feel it lends itself towards a nice everyday, natural work appropriate look.

Mineral Veil Finishing Powder   ( 0.75gms )

This is a beautifully finely-milled setting powder which I am really enjoying!! It does a brilliant job of blurring my fine lines and pores, and seems to brighten my complexion...highly recommend!

Left - Prime Time Eyelid Primer (1.5ml)     Right - Prime Time Foundation Primer  (4.5 ml)

I find the eye primer to do a good job as a base for my eyeshadow, it has a slight tint to help lightly conceal any imperfections, and is a very smooth silicone based texture which blends nicely.

I have not tried the foundation primer as yet!

Lash Domination Volumising Mascara in Intense Black  (5.5ml)

I have a couple of Mascara's opened at the moment so waiting to use them up before I try this one!

Left - Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss in 'Sparkplug' (2.25ml)
Right - Marvellous Moxie Lipstick in 'Get Ready' (1.5gm)

Top 'Sparkplug' gloss   Bottom 'Get Ready' Lipstick

Loving both of these!! The gloss gives your lips a minty tingling feeling for about an hour which I don't find uncomfortable, I am just aware of it . It is a little sticky, which I don't mind in a gloss formula. The shade is quite pigmented as you can see from the swatch, and could definitely be used on its own for a lovely natural look with a little bit of shine.

The lipstick is very creamy and smooth to apply, and this deep rose shade is very flattering and brightening to the whole face! Beautifully pigmented and long lasting without drying my lips.

Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 ' The Epiphany'   (shades are  L- A-ha   R- Foreshadow)

A fabulous duo of everyday shades, I am currently loving 'A-ha' all over the lid and using 'Forshadow' as a liner on the upper lash line. I have heard many wonderful reviews of the Ready Eyeshadow duo's and quads, these shades are beautifully soft and creamy, and so easy to work with. I would definitely love to try some other shades!

Ready Blush in 'The One'

A lovely natural blush in a shade that would compliment many different makeup looks. Very easy to build up to a lovely flush of colour on your cheeks. I believe this is one of Emily's favourites!!

Swatches in natural light of top 'The Epiphany' eyeshadow duo ( gorgeous!)
 Bottom - Ready Blush in 'The One' ( gorgeous!)

I am really enjoying this kit!! I believe it is available in the US at Sephora and Ulta for around $35(US)
In view of the prices of cosmetics in Australia, I still feel that this is good value. It would make a lovely gift for both the makeup lover or someone just starting to experiment with makeup.

Do you have any Bare Minerals favourites??

Thanks for stopping by!


Lou xo

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Beauty Buys - Skincare - ALPHA-H Berry Box Gift Set

I am so excited to share this gift set with you today!!

I was first introduced to the brand Alpha-H about 6 months ago. I purchased one of their skincare sets from TVSN ( shopping channel in Aus ) and have really enjoyed exploring the brand since then. Alpha-h is probably most well know for their glycolic acid based exfoiliant "Liquid Gold".
 ( Have it. Love it. )

Quite a few Alpha-H products have become staples in my morning and evening skincare routines. I am planning some more in depth skincare posts very soon...lots of great products to share with you!

I feel that this gift set ( it is limited edition ) is absolutely brilliant value. It was in my shopping cart within minutes, purchased from Adore Beauty, one of my favourite online stores for all things beauty here in Australia.

The Berry Box would make such a beautiful gift, at a very reasonable $59.46 ( AUD ) you get two gorgeous recently released body products, the cleansing cube ( full size ), and 100ml size of the new Firming Body Therapy; the brand new full size Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ facial moisturiser, and a full size gorgeous OPI nail polish in the shade 'That's Berry Daring'.

This Christmas, Alpha-H gives you a well though out, beautifully packaged, luxurious gift with all the essentials for top to toe weekly pamper session, without forgetting the daily essential of sun protection.

This little beauty is far to special to ever be called soap. I am typically a shower gel/cleansing puff kind of gal, and I can't remember the last time I used a bar of anything to wash myself. This is my second cleansing cube! It is packed with nourishing oils, and the little cranberry seeds and glycolic acids lightly buff away your barnacles to perfection. Brilliant. I use it twice a week ( too special for everyday! )

Uncomplicated, sleek packaging. Pump dispenser. Brilliant.

Above is a swatch of the Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum, as you can see it is slightly tinted, hence no white cast. It blends beautifully, is absorbed almost immediately into the skin, and leaves a demi matte, natural finish to the skin. I have used this under my makeup for the last 4 days, and it is performing really nicely under foundation for my oily/combo/acne prone skin.

You may have noticed the glow of my skin under the swatch? That would be the gorgeous glow from the Firming Body Therapy! The unique combination of the Cleansing Cube, along with the Firming Body Therapy has given me the softest, smoothest skin...I can't recommend them highly enough!

The 'Berry' theme of this gift set is carried through nicely,from the nourishing raspberry and cranberry fruit extracts in the skincare products, to this stunning OPI shade "That's Berry Daring".

Unfortunately, my photos are not capturing the true depth of colour of this gorgeous shade. It has a vibrant blue reflect which makes it look more fuschia than the deeper berry that it is in real life. Pictured is two coats, with top coat. Impeccable formula.

You can find the Alpha-H website here.
You will find details regarding international stockists there.

You can find the Adore Beauty website here
Sign up to their members rewards program. Immediately.
Every order comes with a Tim Tam as well...Brilliant.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo
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