Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Her Fashion Box November 2013

I have the Her Fashion Box 'Feminine' edition to share with you today! I had decided to switch it up from the Classic box this month, and I am enjoying the change of style to something a little softer.
Although my box was a little late due to a few technical difficulties, I can assure you that my experience with their customer service team was excellent. Prompt, friendly communication which resulted in my box arriving a few days later complete with a few extra goodies. Nice.  

Her Fashion Box "Feminine" November 2013

Her Fashion Box "Laces At The Races" necklace  RRP $14.95

Her Fashion Box "Powder Puff" bracelet  RRP $19.95

Orly Nail Lacquers in "Peaceful Opposition" and "Lollipop" RRP $18.95 each

Two coats of "Lollipop" ...accent nails have one coat of "Peaceful Opposition"
Lollipop applied nicely, two coats to achieve a nice opaque finish, lovely formula which was easy to work with. Peaceful Opposition has a very sheer creamy base, and square and hex silver glitters. Perfect subtle glitter topper.

Model Co Gel Eyeliner in Black RRP $26.00
Her Fashion Box 'Ring Around the Rosie' bangle pack  RRP $14.95

The inbuilt brush worked quite nicely to apply the gel liner, however after first use you can see some of the brush hairs starting to splay a little. The gel liner itself was smooth, creamy and lovely to apply, however after several hours did start to transfer and smudge. I have quite oily eyelids though, and need to play around with this a little more and try some different eye primers.

Urban Rituelle Beachcomer Soothing Body Balm in 'Coconut and Honey', and 'Island Citrus'.

Coconut and Honey   "...A smooth and velvety fragrance of blissfully sweet coconut and flowery nectar, dipped in warm honey.."

Island Citrus  " ...A delightfully refreshing fragrance bursting with crisp citrus notes of orange,lime and grapefruit, layered with the soft scent of bergamot and rose..."

Oh yes...such a beautiful formula, very nourishing, not sticky or tacky, and smells Devine!
*immediately rubs all over poor tired body*

There is a promo code for 20% off your next purchase from Urban Rituelle inside the HFB magazine. 
Soothing Body Balms are also available in the blends "Mango Melt" and "Frangipani"
....I need to lie down...

Her Fashion Box hair donut RRP $6.95   
Her Fashion Box "The Twiggy" head scarf  RRP $9.95

Having blonde highlighted hair might be an issue for the black hair donut, so I will gift this to a friend! The head scarf, which is more of a headband really, is quite pretty, however I find headbands nice at first then they just annoy me! See the picture below for my take on a feminine look using the scarf in a different way. I added a braid to a side bun, and a matte bright pink lip!

Hallmark Signature Collection Cards RRP $6.99 - $12.99

A nice box filler. Everyone can use a nice card, and you could decide to gift something from your box to someone and you have a lovely card to go with it!

I am enjoying my change to the Feminine box. I think this month's box is very good value, in particular having two full sized Orly nail polishes! Loving the statement necklace and the cuff, the bangles are not really my bag, you can see from the picture above I just took out the neon pink ones and kept the gold.
LOVING the Urban Rituelle goodies and will definitely be heading to their website to check out their others products ( candles, lip balms...*swoon* )

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

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