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Easy, Everyday Beauty | The Lip Gloss Edit

Hello Lovelies!

I have been reaching for these lip glosses constantly over the last few months, and thought I would share them with you today. They are all fairly neutral in tone, some a little more mauve, and one a little more pink, but they are all formulas that I love. All of the shades are perfect to grab of a morning, when typically I don't have a great deal of time, and I just want a nice natural, glossy lip. There is almost always at least one of these in my handbag, they are all perfect to rotate through your makeup bag. I find all of them to impart a good amount of pigment, without the upkeep of a solid lipstick shade.

They are all affordable, and easily accessible both in store and online. If you would like to see some swatches, and hear my thoughts, then please keep reading!

The Beauty Vine's Everyday Lip Gloss Edit

From Left to Right
Maybelline Caramel Infused, L'Oreal Paris Molto Mauve, Lanolips Rhubarb,
NYX Tiramisu, NYX Natural, Rimmel London Snog

Maybelline Color Elixer Creamy Lip Gloss - Caramel Infused    RRP $17.95 AUD.
Coming up slightly more pink in the photograph above, Caramel Infused is a gorgeous shade. This formula has a little bit of tack to it, but it is not overly sticky on the lips. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup inspired this purchase... and that girl knows her stuff! There is currently 50% off Maybelline at Priceline Pharmacy.... you're welcome!

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Gloss - Molto Mauve  RRP $21.95 AUD.
From memory, these were released last year, and Molto Mauve was the first shade that I purchased. A perfect, mauve toned, everyday shade, in a smooth gel-like formula that has quite good staying power for a gloss. It has a very subtle shimmer, not at all frosty, and is also enriched with oils to prevent moisture loss. Love.

Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour SPF 15 - Rhubarb  RRP $13.95 AUD.
I have an embarrassingly large collection of Lanolips, and Rhubarb is the most recent addition to my little family. I adore the formula of these... intensely nourishing thanks to the lanolin, sweet almond oil, shea butter and coconut butter, and also protective with the added SPF 15. Rhubarb is a lovely warm, rosey pink that treats and soothes your lips like a boss. This has definitely been a favourite over the winter months for me!

NYX Butter Gloss - Tiramisu  RRP $9.95 AUD.
Quite literally the perfect shade of nude for me. I just cannot pull off very pale nude lip shades. I feel like it ages me even more, and is just not flattering. It was not until I swatched these that I realised that it is almost identical to the Mega Shine Gloss in Natural ( to the right in the photograph above ). The butter glosses smell delicious, and feel really lovely on the lips. You will need to reapply frequently, however I find this to be a pleasure, and not a bother at all. Love.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Natural RRP $11.95 AUD.
This one is a rediscovery. I found her floating around aimlessly in the bottom of a makeup bag, and have brought her back into rotation. As I mentioned, Natural is almost identical to Tiramisu, but this formula is thicker, has a little bit of tack, and as a result does hang around a little longer. Some people find the scent of the Mega Shine glosses to be a little strong ( I always think of Cherry flavoured cough mixture ) but it does not bother me at all. Natural has no shimmer present, and a high gloss finish on the lips. Definitely one to add to your collection if you do not already own it!

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! - Snog   RRP $13.95 AUD.
The Oh My Gloss! lipgloss range from Rimmel London was released in June of this year. The formula of these remind me of the now discontinued "Stay Glossy" lip glosses, which were a lovely cushiony, gel like formula. I used to love those! Anyone else? Snog is a gorgeous mauve/neutral that has a very fine shimmer running through it. Rimmel boasts 6 hours of wear with these babies, however I will need to reapply around the 3 hour mark, and sooner if I have been eating or drinking. They have a lovely, flat doe foot applicator, and smell good too!

I purchase my NYX products from Target Australia, and I believe both of these glosses are currently 30% off. Nice.

I take a trip to Priceline for my Rimmel London, L'Oreal, Maybelline and Lanolips products.

Do you have any favourite everyday lip gloss shades? Are you a gloss girl or a die hard lipstick only lass? Do leave a comment below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Disclaimer: All products purchased by me. All opinions are my own. No affiliate links or sponsorship attached to this post. Cheers xo

Monday, 10 August 2015

Bath time with The Beauty Vine #5 | Milk & Co

It's an all Australian Bathtime with The Beauty Vine today!

I have some lovely treats to share with today from the brand Milk & Co, created by the well known and respected Australian husband and wife team, Michael and Lindy Klim. Alongside the Milk & Co range for Her, is a line of products for men, as well as a lovely range of skincare products to look after the precious skin of your babies and young children.

Today, however, is all about us girls...

I have three gorgeous, affordable products to share with you today, the Rejuvenating Masque, Body Scrub, and Body Oil. Both of the body products translate perfectly to the shower, so again, if you do not have a bath ( *sigh* ), you can most certainly make your shower into a relaxing spa-time as well. I do all the time! 

Don't wait for a special occasion, or a particular day, I use my evening shower or bath as my wind down time... my time to relax, every day. Yep! Every day! Having four busy children keeps me on my toes, and I absolutely relish that little bit of time in the evenings when I can just be alone. I try to make it a ritual... something more than just another task. In doing this, you are not only looking after  your body, you are looking after your wellbeing as a whole. For me, nothing refreshes body and mind like water therapy, and seeing as I don't live by the ocean, it's into the bath I go!

Candle flickering, bath running, clean PJ's and towel laid out, cup of tea made...let's go!

I start off by adding a squeeze of the Body Oil under the running water. Body oils are just beautiful to add your bath, and this one has the gorgeous scent of Lavender essential oil, known for it's ability to assist in soothing nervous tension and promote relaxation. Soy Bean, Rosemary Leaf, Calendula, and Rose Hip Oils soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin, and the addition of Vitamin E and A provide antioxidant protection. Sounds like as nice blend of ingredients to soak in doesn't it? It is... Love.

Milk & Co Rejuvenating Masque 100gm  RRP $19.95 AUD.

Prior to hopping in the bath, I will do my usual double cleanse, and apply a layer of the Rejuvenating Masque to my poor tired old face. Rejuvenating is the perfect name for this mask, because it does exactly that. The Kaolin clay base is enriched with Soy bean and Rose hip oils, so whilst cleansing it doesn't over dry my skin like some clay masks can. It also contains fruit and sugar cane extracts, which I believe contribute to the naturally acidic exfoliating properties of the formula. I can feel a very slight, and gentle tingle on my skin on application, which last about 60 seconds. Green Tea leaf extract and Aloe Vera are known to soothe, protect, and reduce inflammation in the skin. 
I like to use a flat foundation brush to apply most of my face masks, you can certainly just use your fingers, totally up to you! I leave it on for around 15 minutes or so, rinse it off with lots of warm water and a clean flannel. My skin is perfectly clean, my pores look visibly less noticeable, my skin looks brighter and fresher, ready to soak up the layers of serums and oils I will typically use of an evening. This mask would also be perfect to use before a special occasion, it just exactly what you want a face mask to do... make you glow! I am surprised I don't hear more people talking about it. Love.

Face mask on...bathroom smelling like a spa... it's time for a soak...

Milk & Co Rejuvenating Masque

Milk & Co Body Scrub 375ml RRP $14.99 AUD.

Following some time to relax and soak away the day, it is scrub time. This gently scented, gel based body scrub contains walnut shell, coconut shell powder and rice bran to buff away those pesky dead skin cells, Rose Hip and Jojoba Oils moisturise the skin, and the beautiful scent of Geranium and Lavender essential oils. It is a lovely refreshing scrub, I have not a bad word to say, and you most certainly get value for money with the hefty 375ml bottle. Love. Bottom Barnacles be gone, as I always say!

Sip of tea... a little more soaking...

Milk & Co Body Oil 75ml RRP $12.95 AUD.
After a lovely soak, I hop out of the bath, pat my skin dry and reach for the Body Oil once again. My skin is clean and polished, ready to soak up the lovely oils. I have mentioned in previous Bath Time posts, that I like to take a few minutes to apply either my oil, or moisturiser all over. None of this quick splash over arms and legs business, I pay particular attention to my stretch mark covered belly ( mothers' scars and proud of them ), feet and hands, and knees and elbows. As I mentioned earlier, this oil smells divine, and is an absolute pleasure to use.
In between baths, the Body Oil lives in my shower. I am a big fan of in-shower moisturising, and whilst I have designated in-shower products that I enjoy using, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot use a body oil in the same way. I squeeze a good amount into my hands just toward the end of my shower, and apply it all over just as you would normally. The oils naturally repel the water from the shower, leaving the oil on your skin and not washed down the drain. The simple, recyclable plastic packaging, and flip top lid of this body oil makes it ideal for the shower, you just pat your skin dry when you hop out and PJ's on! Do give it a try! 

Bath Time complete...I feel refreshed, warm, relaxed and ready for bed! I love my bed...

You can find out all about Milk & Co products and stockists here.
All Milk & Co products are made in Melbourne, Victoria, using recyclable packaging, and are not tested on animals.

Have you tried any Milk & Co products? Do you have any favourites? Just quietly, I have their Coconut Kiss lip balm on my list...

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for consideration and trial. All opinions are my own, I only share what I love, and what I think you might love too. This post is not sponsored. Cheers xo.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit | Review

If you have ever tried at-home waxing, you may be like me and have gathered some rather amusing anecdotes over the years. The process can indeed be messy, painful, awkward, and sometimes very amusing!

I have been using the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On Kit for around 12 months. It is a system that really takes the hassle out of doing your own waxing. Many years ago, when I was working full-time, and before I had my children, I would often book into the local salon to have my waxing done. But things inevitably change... these days I just can't find the time to make an appointment, and the rising cost is also a factor. It is certainly much less expensive to do it yourself, and you have the added convenience of doing it at a time which suits you.

Now I must preface this to say that I only wax my legs. I have tried waxing my underarms years ago, lets just say that it was not pleasant. I am way too chicken to go anywhere near my own bikini line with wax... just sayin'.

I purchased my kit from my local Priceline Pharmacy, after I heard Jodi from GooRooBeauty mention it on her You Tube channel last year. Jodi never steers me wrong!

If you would like to know a little more about the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On Kit, and a few little at-home waxing tips from me, then please read on!


Everything that comes in the kit!

Getting Started...

Read the instructions! They are informative and easy to understand, and will give you the best results. There is also a list of precautions to read and take note of.

Skin Prep...

I always exfoliate my skin well the day before waxing, and I avoid applying my usual body oils or moisturisers. Your skin needs to be perfectly dry for best results, and I always do a thin coat of baby powder on my legs before I start. This is a trick that I learnt from my beautician years ago, and it works a treat, particularly in the warmer months when the humidity is higher, and you might be a little sweatier than normal.

Heating the wax...

The instructions state to leave the device heating for a minimum of 20 minutes, to a maximum of 40 minutes. I like to leave mine heating for closer to 40 minutes, and then roll the device horizontally and vertically just to make sure the wax is heated evenly. Do be sensible and make sure to patch test to ensure that the wax is not too hot!
At the right temperature, the wax should glide onto your skin easily. If it is difficult to apply, or feeling very tacky, it is likely not warm/melted enough. You will end up with sticky legs, the strips will not pull off easily, and half your hairs will be left swaying in the breeze... ain't nobody got time for that! Give it time to warm thoroughly!

Worth mentioning, I also plug the device back in after completing one leg, to give it time to warm through a little more, ready for the next leg. It does naturally cool down as you are using it.

Smooth, hold, pull!...

I like to place one of the clean strips against my leg just to get an idea of the amount of wax to apply. There is nothing worse than rolling all the way down your leg with the wax, and then having your strip only cover half of it... I like to leave about an inch of the strip free at the bottom, which gives you enough to hold onto to remove it.

This is an oil based wax, and I find to get an even thin layer, I need to apply a little bit of pressure to the applicator. After applying the wax in the direction of the hair growth, I place the strip over it, and smooth it downwards with the palm of my hand about 3-4 times, hold my skin taut, and then pull it back in the opposite direction. Do it quickly, firmly and confidently. 

I find that I can use each non-woven strip over 4-5 areas before needing to grab a new one. You will see the wax just layering up on the strip, but it doesn't alter its effectiveness. Being an oil based wax means that you cannot wash these strips out with water to re-use them, something worth noting. For a half leg wax, above the knee, I use about 4 strips per leg.

The Aftermath...

I will always have some sort of inflammation after waxing, usually just little red spots, and sometimes a generalised pink flush to the skin if it has been a while between waxes... and yes... I am human and sometimes there is a lengthly pause between! It is winter here after all!

Being an oil based wax also means that you will need an oil based product to clean any remaining  wax residue off your skin. You can use one of the strips to 'pat' quickly over those areas, and that will often do the trick. The Perfect Finish Wipes that come with the kit are oil based, and contain essential oils to provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory skincare benefits. There is enough product on one wipe to evenly smooth over one leg, and there are four wipes in the kit. Alternatively, depending on your skin sensitivity, an nice body oil will do the trick, or some coconut or olive oil. I will sometimes used a base oil with Tea Tree, or Lavender essential oils added, but this is completely up to you and what suits your skin, and any sensitivities you might have. 

I really enjoy the EasyWax system, and would warmly recommend it for both seasoned, and first time at-home waxers!

You can find more information on the Veet website here.

I purchased my kit from my local Priceline Pharmacy. You can also purchase the refill cartridges for $14.99 AUD, and a packet of 24 wax strips will set you back $7.99 AUD. There is also a refill cartridge available to purchase specifically designed for use on the underarm and bikini areas, which has a smaller, thinner roller applicator. 

Are you an at-home waxer? Have you tried the Veet EasyWax kit?
Do leave a comment, or any questions you might have in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Disclaimer; All products purchased by me. This post is sponsored by Veet. All opinions are my own. Do follow all manufacturers instructions.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase | Part 3 | Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

Hello Beauties!

Part three of my Sephora Australia Exclusive Brands event coming at you today!

The much anticipated Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette has just hit the shelves of Sephora Australia! This palette was included in my goody bag from the event, and I have some swatches to share with you today!

There has certainly been a lot of hype in the beauty world around the Kat Von D Shade & Light palettes, with many beauty bloggers and vloggers singing their praises. I do not own the Shade & Light Contour Face palette, however I have been thoroughly enjoying playing with this one!

The Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye palette has been designed as a universal, matte eyeshadow palette consisting of three quads of eyeshadow shades to suit all skin tones. Divided up into Neutral, Cool and Warm colour families, each of the quads contain a Base, Contour, Define, and a Highlight shade. The palette includes a brochure with some pictorials and suggestions regarding placement of the shadows to either Define, Lift, or Balance your eye shape. Of course, the beauty of makeup is that there are no rules, so you can certainly mix things up and experiment with different combinations.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette
Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

Top - laetus
From Left - samael, solas, lucius. 
From Left - leatus, samael, solas, lucius.

Top - lazarus
From Left - saleos, shax, liberatus.
From Left - lazarus, saleos, shax, liberatus.

Top - ludwig
From Left - succubus, sytry, latinus.
From Left - ludwin, succubus, sytry, latinus.

I have mentioned previously, on several occasions, that I am not a makeup artist by any stretch of the imagination. Colour choice, placement, and blending are all things I am constantly practicing, and more often than not I fail... but I keep trying!! 
Having said that, I think this palette is just beautiful, and I am really enjoying it. There are no surprises with these eyeshadows... what you see in the pan is what will translate to your skin. Beautiful colour pay-off. Whilst all of the shadows are said to be matte, I feel that the three highlight shades have a satin/matte finish...they just leave the slightest sheen on the skin, which I think looks beautiful. They are soft, and will kick up a little with your brush.

I am a big fan of using the deeper eyeshadow shades to define my upper lash line instead of having to reach for a pencil liner, and all three of the Define shades in the palette are rich and pigmented.
For a quick, everyday eye look, I like to use lazarus ( Cool Quad base shade ) all over my lid and blended up into the crease, shax  ( gorgeous black ), pressed into the upper lash line, and then tap a little bit of latinus ( highlight shade ) in the centre of my lid to brighten. A good coat of mascara ( or six ), on my pathetically blonde lashes finishes the look. 

If you are in the market for a neutral eyeshadow palette, I can warmly recommend the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour palette. If you are not in need of another neutral eyeshadow palette, but simply love neutral eyeshadows (wink wink), I am sure you will love this as much as I do...

You can find out more about Kat Von D here.

The Shade & Light Eye Contour palette retails for $65.00 AUD and
$46.00 USD.  In view of the current dollar value, and exchange rate, us Aussies are only paying just under $2.00 more than our US sisters. Not bad I'd say!!

Do you have any Kat Von D favourites? Do leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

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