Monday, 30 December 2013

New On The Vine - SAVVY by DB - New Products!

I have some new lovelies from SAVVY by DB to share with you today! Two new shades of blush, both matte, two new mineral baked bronzers, and a new shade of the Long Lasting Matte lipstick.

I had professed my love for one of the new bronzers in the shade "Radiance"( I use as a blush ) on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE to chat and share on Instagram! Find me @the_beauty_vine and come and say hi!

First up, the two new blush shades in 'Petal' and 'Plum'. Highly pigmented, smooth and easy to blend, and unlike the other shades I have posted about previously, these are both matte formulas. Not at all dry or chalky, they give a lovely flush of colour to your cheeks. These will set you back a cool $4.99 each.

SAVVY by DB Classic Blush "Petal"

SAVVY by DB Classic Blush "Plum"

SAVVY by DB Mineral Baked Bronzer $9.99
Left "Radiance"     Right "Golden Glow"


"Golden Glow"

Left 'Radiance'  Right 'Golden Glow'
Swatched in natural light.

L-R   SAVVY by DB Classic Blush 'Petal' and 'Plum.'   Mineral Baked Bronzer 'Golden Glow' and 'Radiance'

SAVVY by DB Long Lasting Lipstick "Gerbera"

I believe there are 4 new limited edition shades in this line, this one is a beautiful deep, rich, bright pink. Aptly named, imagine a beautiful pink Gerbera and your there! Lovely and creamy, intensely pigmented and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend using a lip liner with this shade because she does tend to wander a little. Unlike the other shades I have, this one doesn't ever seem to 'set', so avoid touching your lips when you are rocking this one. It will certainly draw attention, and as my lovely children informed me when I picked them up from school "You are wearing VERY bright pink lipstick Mummy!" Indeed.

I think this shade would complement a variety skin tones beautifully.

My Instagram post wearing 'Radiance', and feeling particularly radiant! As I said in my post, this shade will give you that "LisaLisaD1" glow! I love it, and would recommend this shade over 'Golden Glow'. It has a smoother texture, and although it does have shimmer/glitter, it has much better colour pay off on the skin. Lovely peachy bronzy healthy glow!

Here is 'Gerbera' on my all her glory.

You can find these at Priceline

I would love to know if you have tried any of these newbies?! Are you a bright pink lippy lover?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo


  1. Those blushes look gorgeous! Great swatches! Gerbera sure is a stunning, I haven't managed to wear it out yet. It's like a brighter version of MAC's Girl About Town :)

    1. Hi Sarah! They are so pretty, and nice to have the matte option as well. Its is a little more difficult to find a good matte 'drugstore' blush! Let me know how you find Gerbera if you wear her out...I had issues with it transferring...everywhere!! Such a pretty colour though! xo


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