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My name is Lou, and from a very young age I have loved all things beauty. Having troublesome, acne prone skin since my teens has led me on an exhaustive journey to find effective, yet gentle skincare to  not only treat my skin, but strengthen it. Morning and evening skincare has become a much loved ritual for me, and I adore discovering new and amazing products.

This year I turned 40, but on the inside I still feel like I'm 19.

 Any skincare products you see reviewed/recommended on my blog will have been tested by me for at least a 4 week period, and often longer. I take pride in providing a thorough and well thought out review, based on my own personal experience.

My love of makeup actually started with foundation and concealer. They could blur and cover my blemishes, and gave me a little more confidence to face the world. They still do, however 25 years on, the formulations are a great deal more sophisticated. I love a good rosey neutral lipstick just as much as a kick-arse red, and I am more inclined to be directed by my mood than by trends as to which makeup I will choose on any given day. I have an enormous weakness for blush... nothing brightens and enlivens the face more, and with four children, I often need a little enlivening...just sayin'. I am always learning, and consider myself only a makeup enthusiast.

I am a huge advocate for putting a little bit of time aside for self-care. Whether it's running a bath and smothering your body in a delicious body oil, or sitting quietly and painting your nails, or spending a few minutes massaging in a facial oil in the evenings, it is a little bit of time just to breathe, to be mindful, and to take care of yourself. We pour so much of ourselves out everyday, we need a little time to help fill up the tank again.

I have no professional training in either makeup or skincare, however I have had many years experience trying new products. I read, explore and I learn as much as I can. I decided to start this blog to share my experiences and thoughts and also to connect with fellow beauty lovers out there!

I hope you enjoy reading it. Please leave a comment if you would like to.


Lou xo


  1. WAIT! Your 38? Lou are you kidding? You look 21.. My jaw is literally dropped.


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