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Travel Beauty | Part One | Skincare

Hello Beauties!

I hope you are well! I am battling the flu, and thought I would blog this morning to try and distract myself from how rotten I feel!

I am transporting myself back to the beautiful Toberua Island in Fiji today, and taking you through my travel skincare picks that came along with me on my week long holiday in August of this year.

This post will be part one of a little Travel Beauty series I have put together. I hope you enjoy them!

Typically, when travelling, the products I choose to take with me are tried, tested and loved, and form a regular part of my skincare routine at home. Though tempting to pack little sample sachets, I choose not to, simply because I have quite reactive skin, and the last thing I want to deal with when away on holidays is a skincare reaction. My advice, stick to what your skins knows and likes, and leave trying new products to when you are at home.

Some of these products you may have seen featured on my blog previously, and I will link to more in-depth reviews along the way.

If you are interested to see which products made the edit... then please read on!

Alpha-H Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil was my cleanser of choice to take with me, and I used this morning and night. It is a thick gel consistency, that melts into a soothing luxurious oil when massaged into the skin. I always use cleansing oils starting off with dry hands, and massage them into a dry face. This is a cleansing oil to take your time with... it is just beautiful, and ideal for facial massage. The Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil will emulsify into a milky liquid with a little warm water, and can then be rinsed off easily without leaving any residue. I still like to follow up with a warm flannel to finish off, but that is just my preference. This cleanser is a huge favourite of mine. It's primary scent is due to the inclusion of Lavender oil, which is calming, relaxing and nurturing. It is also said to brighten dull, lacklustre skins with the inclusion of White Mulberry and Hibiscus extracts, while Ferulic acid provides antioxidant protection. Put it on your list. Love.

I followed up my morning cleanse with Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ which not only provides excellent physical, broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, but is non-greasy, doesn't irritate my oily/combo/acne prone skin, is tinted to offset any white cast, and provides an excellent base for your makeup, should you wish to use any. I have read some reviews online, and noticed that some people found it to be greasy, I do not agree with this at all. It is quite thick, but certainly, in my opinion, not the slightest bit greasy. This is a small, trial size tube, which I had in my cupboard from an Alpha-H set that I had purchased from Adore Beauty last year. I have already finished a 50ml full size of the Protection Plus, which comes in a handy pump bottle. It is a well know fact that protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is the most important anti-ageing step in your skincare routine. Take it from me... don't forget to use it every day!

Paula's Choice Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner was packed in my bag, as I was experiencing a mild breakout before we left ( sodding hormones ). This is a 2% salicylic acid toner that I always have in my skincare cupboard. While I use a variety of acids on my skin ( not all at once! ) I find that Salicylic acid is the best for any issues with congestion that I might have. Salicylic acid is a fat soluble Beta-Hydroxy Acid, meaning that it is able to penetrate into, and exfoliate deep within the pore itself, as well as the surface of the skin. This is why it is often recommended for problem/acne prone skin. Salicylic acid also has an anti-inflammatory benefits, which will aide in soothing and calming the redness associated with breakouts. This toner also contains well known hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients, making it ideal for skins like mine that need both the exfoliating action as well as anti-ageing benefits.
If my skin ever feels bumpy, or rough, or I'm noticing more blackheads/whiteheads, this is what I reach for. A few drops of this liquid toner onto a cotton pad, and a quick sweep over the face, it can be used either in the morning or the evening. I'm not too prescriptive with it, I just pull in out and add it to routine as I feel I need it. I purchase my Paula's Choice from the Australian website.

Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys pretty much come with me wherever I go... well... not to shops, or the hairdressers, or the school drop off...but you get my point. I have reviewed these in more detail here, and have talked about them ad-nauseum, but to give you the short story, they are single use face pads soaked in a glorious concoction of lactic acid and nourishing oils that will have you waking up the next morning with glowing chops. I use these 2-3 times a week, after cleansing and prior to application of my chosen serum/oils/moisturiser. I have recommended these to many of my friends, who are now also equally obsessed with them as I am. I promise I won't tell Zoe if you haven't tried them yet... but I recommend a swift click onto the Go-To website here to purchase... just sayin...

These two hydrating powerhouses are must-haves in my humble opinion. Both Go-To Face Hero and Dr LeWinn's Miracle Radiance Renewal Serum were safely packed in my skincare bag. Again, Go-To Face Hero has featured on my blog previously here, and I adore it. This is the second bottle I have purchased, and it contains the most beautiful blend of skin-loving oils which hydrate, plump and calm irritation unlike any other oil blend I have tried. Yep. It's that good.

Dr LeWinn's Miracle Radiance serum is a more like a serum/oil blend. It contains Sea Buckthorn, Tamanu and Rosehip Oils, which incidentally are also present in the Dr LeWinn's Four Fusion Cleansing Oil, that I also love and adore. It is very lightweight, whilst still giving a good kick of hydration. I would alternate this with the Go-To Face hero as my evening moisturiser, and on occasion reached for this in the mornings when I felt my skin was looking a little lacklustre ( perhaps due to consumption of cocktails, but I can't be certain... ) I believe this has been the recipient of a number of Beauty Heaven awards in the past as well. Look out for the Dr LeWinn's gift with purchase packs that they will offer at various times throughout the year from either Priceline Pharmacy or online at Adore Beauty Official. I first tried this serum in one of those gift packs, and I was so impressed I went on to purchase the full size. Love.

A holiday just isn't a holiday without a tube of Lanolips. I rather grand statement yes, but I have a rather ridiculous collection of these luscious lip balms... it's a little embarrassing. I love them. Needless to say, Banana Balm enjoyed her time in Fiji immensely! Slathered on every evening, her light fluffy texture soothed and plumped my lips whilst happening to smell delicious to boot. One of the tinted Lanolips with SPF was my pick for the mornings, and she will feature in the next post! I am waiting anxiously for the new Pear one to appear in my local Priceline... I also use these all natural lip balms on my children, and you will find them randomly dotted around my house on any given day! Love!

I have been incredibly impressed with the Eternal Youth Day & Night Eye Cream from Dr LeWinn's. I have been using this for the last couple of months, and if you are like me and suffer from the dreaded puffy-morning-eyes-syndrome, then you absolutely need to try this! One of the most effective eye treatments I have tried to date, it has a neat, metal tip applicator through which you squeeze out a little of the serum, and proceed to smooth it all around the eye area with the cooling applicator. It firms the skin, de-puffs like a boss, and smooths fine lines whilst providing refreshingly light hydration. It also makes for an excellent base for concealer. Safe to say I cannot stop reaching for it, so naturally it had to come to Fiji with me! Put it on your list!

Well that's a wrap loves... I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my travel skincare bag! Even if it was a rather large amount! A girl has to have choices you know!

Have you tried any of these products? Do you see any of your favourites here?

Do leave a comment or question below if you would like to!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money, except for the Dr LeWinn's Eternal Youth Eye Cream, which was a PR sample. All opinions shared are my own regardless. This post is not sponsored. There are no affiliate links present. Cheers xo

Monday, 19 October 2015

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy and Calming Relief | Product Review

Hello there Beauties!

It is good to be back on my blog after a short hiatus! I managed to make it through a busy school holiday period alive, as did my four children! Hooray!

I have a review for you today of some products by the brand PHYSIOGEL. You may have noticed this brand appearing on the shelves of your local Priceline pharmacy over the last few months, and you may have initially glanced at it and then kept on walking. If you are like me, and suffer from very dry skin and frequent bouts of excema, especially in the cooler months, then you might want to turn around and walk back to that display and take a closer look!

According to PHYSIOGEL, dry, sensitive skin has met its match!

Hypoallergenic, fragrance, preservative and colour free, I have enjoyed these products to gently protect not only on my own skin, but my children's as well. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am quite fragrance driven when it comes to beauty products, particularly bath and body washes and lotions. Whilst I find fragrance to be an important sensorial aspect of daily self care, I do find that during the winter months, my skin will improve quite dramatically with the introduction of products designed for more sensitive and reactive skins.

You will see on the packaging of PHYSIOGEL a reference to a trademark term  'BioMimic Technology'. In my understanding, and from a little of my own research, this is due to the formulas containing ingredients that will promote and restore the natural barrier functions of the skin. Physiogel products contains lipids, which are a type of "good fat" that are already naturally present in our skin. 

Because they are already naturally occurring in our skin, Lipids are often described as physiologic moisturisers. These physiologic moisturisers  are able to aide in repairing the skins natural barrier and calm inflammation. An example of a non-physiologic moisturiser would be petrolatum, or mineral oil. Whilst products containing petrolatum  provide an effective barrier to moisture loss, they will simply sit on top of the skin, treating the symptoms, but not really improving the skins ability to protect and repair itself. 

Interesting isn't it?? I though so!

Righto, enough rambling then Lou!

Please do read on if you would like to hear my thoughts on these products! ( finally... ).

PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Therapy Body Wash,  Calming Relief Lotion and Cream.

PHYSIOGEL Daily Moisture Body Wash   RRP $9.99 AUD.

The Daily Moisture Therapy range includes two creams and a lotion to nourish and repair dry and sensitive skin, along with a gentle, soap free body wash which is designed to cleanse, soften and hydrate. I have been trailing the body wash, and it's safe to say that my tube is officially empty. I had to pull some air into the tube in order to take a decent photograph! It has a beautiful, creamy, velvety texture that cleanses gently without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The formula contains good for skin ingredients, and includes Trygylcerides (fatty acids), Glycerin, and Shea Butter just to name a few.
Typically, cooler weather will see me desperate to get some sort of moisturiser onto my skin straight after my shower, however when using this body wash, my skin always felt just comfortable and clean. My 8 year old son was also a keen supporter, always asking to use " the one in the blue tube please mum" in the shower! Like me, he suffers from dry, excema prone skin, and using this, in combination with the Calming Lotion has seen his skin improve immeasurably over the winter months. 

PHYSIOGEL Calming Relief Lotion 400ml RRP $28.99 AUD.

Described as a lightweight, fast absorbing lotion to soothe dry, irritated skin, PHYSIOGEL Calming Relief Lotion does exactly that. Whilst it does not claim to moisturise your skin for some unlikely amount of hours, once I have applied this following my shower, I find my skin to be calmed, and feeling soft and moisturised all day. All day. My skin just looks healthier. 
Like the body wash, it contains Shea Butter, Glycerins, and those lovely lipids to lock in moisture. It does have a very subtle scent, what I would describe as a "pharmaceutical" scent ( hopefully that makes sense? ) however it disappears after a minute or so, and is then really not detectable. Again, I have used this with great success on all four of my children's skin, with noticeable results. This large 400ml bottle has lasted us a long time, and whilst a little more expensive than your typical supermarket or pharmacy body lotion, I would not hesitate to warmly recommend it if you too have dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. It's a good one, and worth the investment in my humble opinion. 

Physiogel Calming Relief Cream 100ml $12.49 AUD.

PHYSIOGEL Calming Relief Cream is the thicker, more emollient sister to the Calming Relief Lotion. Also containing those lovely lipids, she has an added kick of nourishing Olive and vegetable oils to further protect and moisturise the skin. I have used this on particularly dry patches of skin, or areas of excema, and have enjoyed using it as an intensive, nightly hand and foot cream. It is thick, rich and protective. A  fantastic product to have handy in the bathroom cabinet!

You can find out more about PHYSIOGEL on their Australian website here.

For My International beauties, head here.

You can find PHYSIOGEL products at your local Priceline Pharmacy!

Have you tried any PHYSIOGEL products? Do you suffer from dry, sensitive skin? Please leave a comment or question below, or any products that you enjoy using on your dry skin!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

DISCLAIMER; Products were kindly gifted to me for trial and review, with no obligation to feature them here on my blog. They're good, so they made the cut. Cheers xo

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