Wednesday, 18 December 2013

On My Nails Today - New Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Another day....another trip to Priceline! I know...I have a problem...
So on this particular jaunt I happened to notice the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine display, and picked up these two shades to try. I don't have anything like these in my collection, and if you are like me and have too many nail polishes, than you are always intrigued by shades that are unique and a little bit different. Well, they are unique and new to me!

Left "Make Waves"     Right "Pearly Whites"

Make Waves is a sheer metallic blue/green/purple colour shifter. So pretty. I needed three coats on my nails to achieve the colour shown in the bottle. Be careful with this one, it does tend to show brush strokes, three thin coats work well.

Pearly whites is a holographic glitter, with small medium and large sized holographic flakes of glitter. My first flaky...and I am quite taken with her! I am looking forward to experimenting with it over different shades...I am thinking it would look rather nice over OPI's Russian Navy...
It was a little tricky to get an even amount of glitter on my nails, I ended up 'dabbing' it onto my nail to get a more even coverage.

I think these two shades layered make a very pretty pair. I have included quite a few pictures to show how the colour shifts in different lights. In these photos I have three coats of 'Make Waves' , one coat of 'Pearly Whites' on the accent nails, and top coat over all nails.

The top cap removes to reveal a smaller, user friendly brush handle.

The brush is wide and rounded, and looks to be the same brush as the one from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range, which I love. The rounded tip fits my nail beds perfectly, allowing for easier application and a neater look near the cuticle.

Have you tried any of the new Triple Shine formula's?

Check them out at Priceline 

I so appreciate you visiting my blog! If you do leave a comment thank you so much for taking the time to do so!


Lou xo


  1. These colours go so well together! The flakey one looks super pretty :) I was contemplating getting it..hmm...maybe next time! Make Waves also looks incredible - I bet it looks gorgeous when the sunlight catches it :)

    1. They are both so pretty! Definitely put them on your list girl! Lou xo

  2. oh i love these! i think an order may need to be made! that pearly white will look so nice on top of so many polishes!

    1. Yes! I am looking forward to experimenting with it on top of other shades! Thank you for all your lovely comments! Made my day! Lou x

  3. Hey Lou, great Triple Shine review! I think you would enjoy our Sally Hansen Triple Shine Challenge. Your pics are awesome and would rock the competition. Take a look:

    1. Hi Elisa, thanks so much! I will check it out! Thank you for the lovely comment, much appreciated!! Lou xo


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