Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Essence Cosmetics XXXL Shine Lipgloss | Swatches and Chat!

When it comes to lipgloss, I am really not too fussy. Aside from the shade/colour, the most important feature for me would be that it HAS to feel good on my lips. Not only on application, but as it wears as well. I am not at all bothered if a lipgloss doesn't last long on my lips, I am happy to reapply if it feels nice! On a daily basis, it will often be a gloss, or a tinted lip balm that I will reach for in the mornings. They are all quick, easy, and don't require a great deal of precision ! I don't mind if a lipgloss has a bit of tackiness to it, it just helps it to last a little longer. Anything that falls into the blatantly sticky category gets the boot from me ( Lancome Juicy tubes I'm looking at you ).

So enough rambling... I have some thoughts and swatches to share with you today featuring 3 shades of Essence Cosmetics XXXL Shine Lipgloss. My first purchase was the shade Nude Kisses, and I loved it so much I immediately felt compelled to purchase some more shades to try. There were a couple of more seasonally appropriate shades in the display, but they had been opened and were oozing their contents out of the tube and onto the display, as I sadly discovered when I picked one up ( yuck ). Moving on...

If there are any lipgloss lovers in the northern hemisphere reading my might like the look of these particular shades for your summertime shenanigans! Concurrently, if you are deeply embedded in an icy cold winter like me, and don't give a toss, throwing caution to the wind and wearing whatever shade of lipgloss you feel like...then these may just tickle your fancy as well!

From Top to Bottom;

Bright Side Of Life... a very pretty peachy/coral with slight shimmer
Nude Kisses ... a very pretty sheer mauve with shimmer
Just Gorgeous ... a bright watermelon pinky/red

Heavy swatch in natural light,  L-R- Just Gorgeous, Nude Kisses and Bright Side Of Life 

There are many pretty shades, they are inexpensive, and they feel good on your lips. They are very shiny, as you see from the photo above, and they smell good too! They have a nice, long doe foot applicator, and are available in 11 shades for the bargain price of $3.25 AU each. I have found these to last for about 2 hours on my lips, which I think is pretty reasonable for a gloss.

I always find the Essence displays in Target and Priceline hard to walk past! They have suprised me on many occasions with the quality of their blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes.

Have you tried these glosses? Do you have a favourite shade? Do let me know in the comments below, I always love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo


  1. Essence makes the cheapest yet usefull products ever!!!

    1. They sure do! Love their blushes and nail polishes especially! Lou xo

  2. I HATE the feeling of getting lipgloss on my hands - I can so commiserate with you! The retailer I work for sells lipglosses in the little squeezy tubes and our customers feel the need to open them and get them everywhere. UGH! lol

    1. Oh I know! Horrible! Nothing worse than one spilling in your bag either lol! Thank so much for visiting! Lou xo

  3. Those colours are lovely!!! I especially like the look of nude kisses. I hate glosses that are too sticky!!! These look so nice for the price! I knoe what I'm getting the next time I'm in Priceline xx

    1. They would lovely on you Sarah...nude kisses is beautiful, perfect everyday shade!Let me know if you pick some up! Lou xo

  4. I love essence but I have never been lucky with their nail polishes. Mine always chips in the first day. Such a pity since the colours are so beautiful!


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