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Alpha-H Instant Facial | Review

I was honored to attend the launch of Alpha-H's new product,  Instant Facial  in Sydney recently. The evening was hosted by Michelle Doherty, the owner and founder of Alpha-H. There is something quite unique and special about hearing the owner of a brand talk about not only their products, but share their personal skincare story as well. It gives you a more holistic view of a brand to hear about it from its infancy, to the present day. Alpha-H is a successful, internationally acclaimed, award winning Australian skincare brand. I have been using Alpha-H products for about a year now, and I have been using chemical exfoliants as a part of my skincare routine for around 2 years.

Instant Facial is a product designed to slot in to your existing skincare routine. It could be described as a hydrating/exfoliating toner hybrid. Used after cleansing, and before your serum and moisturiser, it's glycolic acid goes to work exfoliating dead skin cells and encouraging the formation of collagen, whilst a blend of natural plant and herb extracts provide hydration, contain soothing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits, and also temporarily smooth and refine the texture of the skin's surface. Sound a bit too good to be true?

Instant Facial  is described by Alpha-H as "Botanical Brilliance" in a bottle, so let's have a look at some of the ingredients...

Witch Hazel... the second ingredient listed, it is well known for its astringent properties, and often seen included in skincare products, or used on its own as a toner. Known to refine pores and hydrate the skin,  as well as provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. I can notice a subtle scent of witch hazel when I use Instant Facial.

Glycerin... a very common ingredient in many skincare products, it draws water from both the environment and the deeper layers of skin, pulling it  into the outer layers of skin. It is hydrating and protecting.

Glycolic Acid... one of the most common AHA's ( alpha hydroxy acid ) typically derived from sugar cane. As I mentioned above, glycolic acid is an exfoliator, removing the layer of dead skin cells from the surface, allowing the fresh new skin cells to be revealed. Its ability to dissolve dead skin cells aides in the clearing of blocked pores and blackheads, it can reduce fine lines, scarring and hyperpigmentation. It will also, importantly, allow your skin to be able to absorb more efficiently those lovely serums, oils and moisturisers that we rely on to nourish, protect and repair our skin.

Plankton Extract... known to be used in skincare products for it moisturising, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. I did come across a small amount of literature which did suggest that the majority of marine extracts ( Marine Algae ) are thought to be comedogenic. I have not noticed any increase in congestion or comedones forming on my skin, and I am of the belief that the glycolic acid present in the product would counteract any such effect, if it does indeed occur at all.

Chamomile Extract, Thyme Extract, Arnica Flower Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice...a nice cocktail of soothing, anti-inflammatory, and skin repairing ingredients. Arnica is also known for its healing properties, stimulating the formation of new tissue.

Cypress and Barley Extracts... Cypress is know for its hydrating and pore refining qualities, while Barley is anti-inflammatory, and is also known to be a source of zinc, which aids in healing and repairing the skin. Worth noting is that Cypress and Barley do appear towards to end of the ingredient list, which generally means they are in smaller quantities.

I actually saw results after only a couple of days of using Instant Facial, and my skin is quite accustomed to products containing glycolic acid. I think the beauty of this product, is that its effects are both immediate, and ongoing. We all want that fresh, bright smooth complexion, and often look to makeup, or expensive serums and moisturisers to achieve it. 

Both alcohol and oil free, Instant Facial does smooth, and reduce the appearance of my fine lines...and I do have fine lines yes!! It has also reduced the appearance of my enlarged pores. Now, if pores had their very own little muscles, they would be able to close and open. Unfortunately, they don't, it is not possible for pores to be 'closed' as such. However, I do find that my pores are "less noticeable". My skin looks more radiant, even toned, and just healthier. Fresh. Glowing.

Instant Facial is packaged in a spray bottle, however I prefer to spray it onto a cotton round and then apply to my face. I like to be precise with where I am putting glycolic acid. You can spray directly onto your face if you wish, however you will need to cover your eyes. Two sprays directly onto the cotton round is the perfect amount for my face, neck and decollatage. Through my own experience of using this product over the last 5-6 weeks, any more than that seems to be excessive, and leaves an almost tacky residue on my skin. Less is more for me.

I do feel the 'tingle' that comes with glycolic acid products. It almost feels 'prickly' to me. I feel it immediately on application, and it usually lasts 10-15 seconds before dissipating. It is normal to feel this to some degree. As I mentioned earlier, I have been using AHA and BHA exfoliants for the last two years. When I first started to incorporate exfoliating toners into my routine I started gently, using them 3 times a week at first to see how my skin would react. I then built up to every second day, and then finally to daily use. If you are just starting out with acid exfoliators,  don't feel like you need to rush into twice daily use is ok to take your time, and approach them gently.  

It is recommended to use alone for an intensive treatment, if you wish. I believe that this allows the glycolic acid to work its magic without being hindered by other products being layered on top of the skin. It is important that exfoliating preparations have a low pH, in order for them to work efficiently. Healthy skin actually sits at a pH of 4.5-5.5, which is naturally acidic. Although it does contain hydrating and water holding ingredients, it does not provide enough hydration on its own for me, so on a daily basis I will continue on with my serum and moisturiser. I do like to wait about 2-3 minutes after application for it to absorb and settle on my skin.

To keep it all in the context of my skincare routine, I am using other products that I am very happy with, that I believe are also contributing to how I see my skin looking and feeling at the moment. Some of them are from Alpha-H, some of them are not. I think the cleansers, serums, and oils that I use, along with Instant Facial are improving the overall health of my skin, helping reduce the length and severity of breakouts, and giving me more of a glow. Because we all want a little bit of glow don't we?

Do let me know in the comments below if you have tried Instant Facial! Do you have a favourite exfoliating product? I would love to hear from you!

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Lou xo

This product was gifted to me by Alpha-H for review. This does not affect my thoughts or opinions shared about the product. I will indeed be spending my own money and repurchasing this product when I run out.


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    1. Oh thank you Jadiee! I really appreciate the feedback, thank you for your lovely comment! I will indeed pop over to check out your blog! Have a beautiful day! Lou xo

  2. I'm with you on noticing results very quickly. Being very new to Alpha-H, I am completely blown away by the results. Hope you check out my blog post on Instant Facial. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for your link, I did read your post too, great review! I'm a big Alpha-H fan, love so many of their products! Thanks for visiting! Have a great day, Lou xo


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