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Bath time with The Beauty Vine #5 | Milk & Co

It's an all Australian Bathtime with The Beauty Vine today!

I have some lovely treats to share with today from the brand Milk & Co, created by the well known and respected Australian husband and wife team, Michael and Lindy Klim. Alongside the Milk & Co range for Her, is a line of products for men, as well as a lovely range of skincare products to look after the precious skin of your babies and young children.

Today, however, is all about us girls...

I have three gorgeous, affordable products to share with you today, the Rejuvenating Masque, Body Scrub, and Body Oil. Both of the body products translate perfectly to the shower, so again, if you do not have a bath ( *sigh* ), you can most certainly make your shower into a relaxing spa-time as well. I do all the time! 

Don't wait for a special occasion, or a particular day, I use my evening shower or bath as my wind down time... my time to relax, every day. Yep! Every day! Having four busy children keeps me on my toes, and I absolutely relish that little bit of time in the evenings when I can just be alone. I try to make it a ritual... something more than just another task. In doing this, you are not only looking after  your body, you are looking after your wellbeing as a whole. For me, nothing refreshes body and mind like water therapy, and seeing as I don't live by the ocean, it's into the bath I go!

Candle flickering, bath running, clean PJ's and towel laid out, cup of tea made...let's go!

I start off by adding a squeeze of the Body Oil under the running water. Body oils are just beautiful to add your bath, and this one has the gorgeous scent of Lavender essential oil, known for it's ability to assist in soothing nervous tension and promote relaxation. Soy Bean, Rosemary Leaf, Calendula, and Rose Hip Oils soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin, and the addition of Vitamin E and A provide antioxidant protection. Sounds like as nice blend of ingredients to soak in doesn't it? It is... Love.

Milk & Co Rejuvenating Masque 100gm  RRP $19.95 AUD.

Prior to hopping in the bath, I will do my usual double cleanse, and apply a layer of the Rejuvenating Masque to my poor tired old face. Rejuvenating is the perfect name for this mask, because it does exactly that. The Kaolin clay base is enriched with Soy bean and Rose hip oils, so whilst cleansing it doesn't over dry my skin like some clay masks can. It also contains fruit and sugar cane extracts, which I believe contribute to the naturally acidic exfoliating properties of the formula. I can feel a very slight, and gentle tingle on my skin on application, which last about 60 seconds. Green Tea leaf extract and Aloe Vera are known to soothe, protect, and reduce inflammation in the skin. 
I like to use a flat foundation brush to apply most of my face masks, you can certainly just use your fingers, totally up to you! I leave it on for around 15 minutes or so, rinse it off with lots of warm water and a clean flannel. My skin is perfectly clean, my pores look visibly less noticeable, my skin looks brighter and fresher, ready to soak up the layers of serums and oils I will typically use of an evening. This mask would also be perfect to use before a special occasion, it just exactly what you want a face mask to do... make you glow! I am surprised I don't hear more people talking about it. Love.

Face mask on...bathroom smelling like a spa... it's time for a soak...

Milk & Co Rejuvenating Masque

Milk & Co Body Scrub 375ml RRP $14.99 AUD.

Following some time to relax and soak away the day, it is scrub time. This gently scented, gel based body scrub contains walnut shell, coconut shell powder and rice bran to buff away those pesky dead skin cells, Rose Hip and Jojoba Oils moisturise the skin, and the beautiful scent of Geranium and Lavender essential oils. It is a lovely refreshing scrub, I have not a bad word to say, and you most certainly get value for money with the hefty 375ml bottle. Love. Bottom Barnacles be gone, as I always say!

Sip of tea... a little more soaking...

Milk & Co Body Oil 75ml RRP $12.95 AUD.
After a lovely soak, I hop out of the bath, pat my skin dry and reach for the Body Oil once again. My skin is clean and polished, ready to soak up the lovely oils. I have mentioned in previous Bath Time posts, that I like to take a few minutes to apply either my oil, or moisturiser all over. None of this quick splash over arms and legs business, I pay particular attention to my stretch mark covered belly ( mothers' scars and proud of them ), feet and hands, and knees and elbows. As I mentioned earlier, this oil smells divine, and is an absolute pleasure to use.
In between baths, the Body Oil lives in my shower. I am a big fan of in-shower moisturising, and whilst I have designated in-shower products that I enjoy using, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot use a body oil in the same way. I squeeze a good amount into my hands just toward the end of my shower, and apply it all over just as you would normally. The oils naturally repel the water from the shower, leaving the oil on your skin and not washed down the drain. The simple, recyclable plastic packaging, and flip top lid of this body oil makes it ideal for the shower, you just pat your skin dry when you hop out and PJ's on! Do give it a try! 

Bath Time complete...I feel refreshed, warm, relaxed and ready for bed! I love my bed...

You can find out all about Milk & Co products and stockists here.
All Milk & Co products are made in Melbourne, Victoria, using recyclable packaging, and are not tested on animals.

Have you tried any Milk & Co products? Do you have any favourites? Just quietly, I have their Coconut Kiss lip balm on my list...

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for consideration and trial. All opinions are my own, I only share what I love, and what I think you might love too. This post is not sponsored. Cheers xo.


  1. Lou, these pictures are just stunning!!! I love your little mini bath prop! So cute!!!
    I own and love the rejuvenating masque as well as the body scrub!!! Milk and Co is such a good brand!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    1. Oh thank you Sarah! You are too kind! I found the little baths in my local discount shop... they are so cute aren't they?!! Loving my Milk & Co for sure!! I hope you are well!! Lou xoxo


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