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Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit | Review

If you have ever tried at-home waxing, you may be like me and have gathered some rather amusing anecdotes over the years. The process can indeed be messy, painful, awkward, and sometimes very amusing!

I have been using the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On Kit for around 12 months. It is a system that really takes the hassle out of doing your own waxing. Many years ago, when I was working full-time, and before I had my children, I would often book into the local salon to have my waxing done. But things inevitably change... these days I just can't find the time to make an appointment, and the rising cost is also a factor. It is certainly much less expensive to do it yourself, and you have the added convenience of doing it at a time which suits you.

Now I must preface this to say that I only wax my legs. I have tried waxing my underarms years ago, lets just say that it was not pleasant. I am way too chicken to go anywhere near my own bikini line with wax... just sayin'.

I purchased my kit from my local Priceline Pharmacy, after I heard Jodi from GooRooBeauty mention it on her You Tube channel last year. Jodi never steers me wrong!

If you would like to know a little more about the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On Kit, and a few little at-home waxing tips from me, then please read on!


Everything that comes in the kit!

Getting Started...

Read the instructions! They are informative and easy to understand, and will give you the best results. There is also a list of precautions to read and take note of.

Skin Prep...

I always exfoliate my skin well the day before waxing, and I avoid applying my usual body oils or moisturisers. Your skin needs to be perfectly dry for best results, and I always do a thin coat of baby powder on my legs before I start. This is a trick that I learnt from my beautician years ago, and it works a treat, particularly in the warmer months when the humidity is higher, and you might be a little sweatier than normal.

Heating the wax...

The instructions state to leave the device heating for a minimum of 20 minutes, to a maximum of 40 minutes. I like to leave mine heating for closer to 40 minutes, and then roll the device horizontally and vertically just to make sure the wax is heated evenly. Do be sensible and make sure to patch test to ensure that the wax is not too hot!
At the right temperature, the wax should glide onto your skin easily. If it is difficult to apply, or feeling very tacky, it is likely not warm/melted enough. You will end up with sticky legs, the strips will not pull off easily, and half your hairs will be left swaying in the breeze... ain't nobody got time for that! Give it time to warm thoroughly!

Worth mentioning, I also plug the device back in after completing one leg, to give it time to warm through a little more, ready for the next leg. It does naturally cool down as you are using it.

Smooth, hold, pull!...

I like to place one of the clean strips against my leg just to get an idea of the amount of wax to apply. There is nothing worse than rolling all the way down your leg with the wax, and then having your strip only cover half of it... I like to leave about an inch of the strip free at the bottom, which gives you enough to hold onto to remove it.

This is an oil based wax, and I find to get an even thin layer, I need to apply a little bit of pressure to the applicator. After applying the wax in the direction of the hair growth, I place the strip over it, and smooth it downwards with the palm of my hand about 3-4 times, hold my skin taut, and then pull it back in the opposite direction. Do it quickly, firmly and confidently. 

I find that I can use each non-woven strip over 4-5 areas before needing to grab a new one. You will see the wax just layering up on the strip, but it doesn't alter its effectiveness. Being an oil based wax means that you cannot wash these strips out with water to re-use them, something worth noting. For a half leg wax, above the knee, I use about 4 strips per leg.

The Aftermath...

I will always have some sort of inflammation after waxing, usually just little red spots, and sometimes a generalised pink flush to the skin if it has been a while between waxes... and yes... I am human and sometimes there is a lengthly pause between! It is winter here after all!

Being an oil based wax also means that you will need an oil based product to clean any remaining  wax residue off your skin. You can use one of the strips to 'pat' quickly over those areas, and that will often do the trick. The Perfect Finish Wipes that come with the kit are oil based, and contain essential oils to provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory skincare benefits. There is enough product on one wipe to evenly smooth over one leg, and there are four wipes in the kit. Alternatively, depending on your skin sensitivity, an nice body oil will do the trick, or some coconut or olive oil. I will sometimes used a base oil with Tea Tree, or Lavender essential oils added, but this is completely up to you and what suits your skin, and any sensitivities you might have. 

I really enjoy the EasyWax system, and would warmly recommend it for both seasoned, and first time at-home waxers!

You can find more information on the Veet website here.

I purchased my kit from my local Priceline Pharmacy. You can also purchase the refill cartridges for $14.99 AUD, and a packet of 24 wax strips will set you back $7.99 AUD. There is also a refill cartridge available to purchase specifically designed for use on the underarm and bikini areas, which has a smaller, thinner roller applicator. 

Are you an at-home waxer? Have you tried the Veet EasyWax kit?
Do leave a comment, or any questions you might have in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Disclaimer; All products purchased by me. This post is sponsored by Veet. All opinions are my own. Do follow all manufacturers instructions.

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