Wednesday, 10 September 2014

BRIGHT PINK Lipstick Day! Wear, Share, show you care!

Image from Pink Hope Australia

Bright Pink Lipstick Day is a campaign run by the organisation Pink Hope, in the effort to raise awareness, promote discussion and offer support to those families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. 

Pink Hope was founded by Krystal Barter, who shares her courageous story in her book,
"The Lucky One"

" Krystal was one of the first women to publically share her story and preventative surgery, giving a face and awareness to prevention" ( quote taken from Pink Hope's website ).

Prompted by dusting off your favourite pink lippy, and sharing a selfie on your social media, Bright Pink Lipstick day, on Friday 26th September is all about encouraging all of us to Kiss and Tell... to get talking to someone close to you about the history of cancer in your family. 

There is a wealth of information on the Pink Hope website here. I have spent the morning reading the stories of some incredibly brave women. Having the privilege to read about what these families go through will undoubtedly give you a sense of what Pink Hope is all about, and it will further your own understanding of how these families came to be tested for the BRCA1 gene, and some of the heart breaking decisions they face as a result. Please read their stories.

You will also find many ways in which you too can help, whether it be hosting a fundraiser, making a donation, or purchasing some items from the shop. Below are some photos of some things I purchased, which happily arrived today at The Beauty Vine HQ.

Jessica Hart, a well known Australian model, is soon to be releasing her own brand of all natural cosmetics, LUMA, later this month. Jessica has collaborated with Pink Hope to create a bespoke shade of pink lipstick, aptly named, Pink Hope. This lipstick will be available to purchase from Priceline Pharmacy in the next few days, and is available to purchase now from the Pink Hope website. You will see me sporting this next week!

There are three candles to choose from in the shop, I chose Inspire, which is fragranced with Jasmine. 100% of the purchase price of the candles will go to Pink Hope. They make a lovely gift, and my house is currently smelling gorgeous and a lot like Spring! 

And what beauty lover can pass up a pretty makeup bag I ask you? 

So, on Friday 26th September;

SNAP Take a pic and share it on social media


#lumabyjesshart ( if you are wearing Luma's pink lippy )

You can also text the word "PROMISE" to 0477 567 465 to make a ten dollar donation.


Thanks so much for stopping by, and blessings to all the families affected by this, whose stories I have had to privilege to read, thank you for inspiring me.

Lou xo

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