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Bath time With The Beauty Vine #2 | The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

Hello Beauty Friends!

It's time for part two of my Bath Time with The Beauty Vine series!

If you missed the first post in the series, where I chat a little bit more about my personal love of baths and encouraging you all to have some very important 'me-time', I shall link it down below for you.

Essentially, bath time for me is a chance to wind down and relax. I make an effort to use products that will not only treat and pamper my skin, but assist in allowing my bustling, noisy brain to slow and be still... even if my thoughts can be stilled for a short time, I find it so beneficial.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my baths are often accompanied by a glass of velvety Merlot, fresh fluffy towels, and fresh PJ's. Clean linen and PJ's make me smile, and help to make my bath a little more like a ceremony, and less like just another task.

Today's gorgeous, soak-away-your-stress bath time is brought to you by The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea bath products. Three delightful products to have you soft, smooth, clean and relaxed. These products were kindly and generously provided for me to review and chat about here on my blog, and as always, I consider this a privilege.

Known for its health benefits and skin conditioning properties, The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea products are infused with green tea leaves, harvested from Japan's Mount Fuji region. The scent to me, is very fresh and zingy, with a touch of floral and a clean, soap-like fragrance.

So get that bath filling up, and light a candle... it's bath time...

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea - Bath Tea RRP $24.95 AUD   Bath Infuser RRP $8.95 AUD.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea - Bath Tea RRP $24.95 AUD

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea - Bath Infuser RRP $8.95 AUD

A fresh, fragrant cocktail of Aloe Vera juice, Green Tea, Basil and Camelia extracts, the Bath Tea  softens the bath water, and your skin beautifully. I scoop the salts into the Bath Infuser, and swish the infuser through the bath water before I hop in. It doesn't take long for the salts to dissolve, and the nifty infuser keeps the all of the leaves housed safely within its confines, and not floating through the bath water. If you don't mind bits and pieces wafting through your bath ( not a fan personally ), then the infuser is not essential, but I think it's absolute genius. You can hang the infuser by the chain whilst you are soaking, or sit it out of the water once dissolved, it is completely up to you.
My bathroom is quickly filled with the Day-Spa like fragrance, and my skin feels so lovely and soft. After a time spent soaking and switching off, it's time for a good ol' scrub...

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea - Body Scrub  RRP $29.95 AUD.

This is a really lovely, gel like, moisturising body scrub. The glycerin, castor oil and honey base conditions and softens your skin without leaving an oily residue, whilst still giving a really good manual exfoliation. As you massage the scrub into your skin, it melts into a hydrating gel, and rinses cleanly. Soft smooth skin with not a barnacle to be seen... Love. Following the scrub, I like to soak for a little longer, and try to spend some time focusing on my breathing. Often, my mind will have had a little relapse, and be back to its' incessant and endless to-do lists. Don't you hate that?

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea - Body Butter RRP $23.95 AUD.

I can't imagine that there would be many people who would not be familiar with The Body Shop Body Butters. I remember my very first one, which I purchased around 20 years ago now...I believe it was Mango...oh was delicious. A truly decadent, oil rich balm. The Mango Body Butter and White Musk perfume oil were two beauty staples for me in my early 20's.

The Fuji Green Tea Body Butter has a creamy, slightly lighter weight consistency that does a brilliant job of locking in all that lovely moisture from the Bath Tea and Body Scrub. It absorbs quite quickly for a body butter, and having now layered all three of the products, I am indeed smelling quite heavenly, and ready for bed.

You can find The Body Shop Australian website Here. If you prefer to order online, they offer flat rate shipping of $8.95 AUD.

So what's on my Body Shop wishlist I hear you ask? Products from the Spa Wisdom Polynesia range, and the White Musk Smokey Rose range. Not that I need anymore products...ever!!

If you would like to read my previous Bath Time with The Beauty Vine post you can click the link here.

What are your favourite Body Shop products? Have you tried the Fuji Green Tea range?
I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

Disclaimer: As mentioned in the body of the post, these products were provided for editorial consideration, for which I am so grateful. This post is not sponsored, I have no affiliation with companies/brands mentioned. Cheers xo


  1. I have been looking at the Green Tea range they look & sound beautiful. I have a current love obsession with the peach range that they recently brought out it is just gorgeous. xo

    Nicole |

  2. Great read Lou! Makes me very excited to get my Body Shop products next week!!! xxxx


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