Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Date Night Hair | My Easy Side Chignon

In all honesty, date nights are few and far between in my household. Not because we don't want to, just the logistics of having our four children looked after, and juggling my shift work makes things a little difficult. Typically, date night in my house will be some nice take-away of some description, and a bottle of wine after the children are in bed! I know, setting the world on fire aren't we?

I have a relatively uncomplicated up-do to share with you today, featuring some Joico styling products that I was recently sent for consideration. Joico is a very well known and trusted haircare brand that has been around for almost as long as I have! I remember using the infamous K-PAK line of products when I was in my very early 20's.

This type of style, the side bun, is a favourite of mine for a night out. I think it is such a sophisticated way to wear your hair... chic and timeless. 

I would normally have spent some time desperately trying to inject some volume into my fine hair by teasing and back-combing, but with these products I didn't need to at all, and if you have a similar volume-less hair, then these products might interest you!

My hair is roughly shoulder length with long layers, frequently doused in highlighting foils, and though fine in texture, there is a lot of it. A side bun for me takes a few tricks, so do read on if you are interested! Allow me to preface this post by saying that this is by no means coiffed or perfected... do note that I am very much the amateur, home self-stylist.

The Tools...

1. You may start with freshly washed hair if you wish. I have done these steps on second day hair with no problem.

2. Product...I concentrated the Joico Body Luxe Root Lift Volumizing Foam to my roots, starting at the crown. I found it easiest to section the hair, apply the foam in roughly a 5cm strip, and then lift another section of hair, and continue the same, keeping each section about an inch apart. I just applied it where I want volume, essentially around the crown, however you can use it all over if you wish. I massage it in well, pulling it down slightly to the mid lengths, and apply some heat protectant to the ends.

3. Blow dry time... Now you can spend some time sectioning, and round brushing if you wish, however I tend to just tip my head upside down and give it a good a tousle, encouraging the mousse to work it's volume magic, and use a paddle brush to smooth the ends. You can definitely feel the mousse working, giving grip and lift at the roots, and it does this without the sticky, tacky feeling that some products can leave. I really like it.

4. Curling... This is a step you can skip if you like, particularly if you have longer, or more naturally voluminous hair. I feel that it adds to the finished look for my hair, and actually makes it easier for me to do it! I curled my hair with a 3/4 inch clip barrel, mainly curling away from my face. The top section of hair on the right hand side ( the side my bun will be on ), I curl towards my face. As you can in the pictures below, it helps to give a bit more volume at the side, and I think it looks nice!

5. More product... curling done, I move on to the Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray, which in my humble opinion works brilliantly as a working hairspray. Following curling my hair, I spray a small amount of this, again into the root area, and massage it in, one section at a time. No need for any back-combing with this, it does the job brilliantly, and just adds some extra oomph to what the mousse has already done. Be very sparing if you use it as a finishing spray, it packs an absolute punch, and it is a little difficult to rearrange anything once this baby has set.

6. Twist and Pin... I start twisting my hair just behind my ear, following along my hair line, heading in the direction of my other ear, where my bun will be. The main reason I do this, is to stop the shorter layers of my hair from escaping and causing chaos by flopping out of the bun! I place a few bobby pins in as I go. Once the bulk of my hair is on the right hand side, I twist and pin the larger front section of hair behind my ear. Now the rest of the hair pinning is a bit pot luck, but I try to eventually end up with a bun type shape, tucking and pinning as I go. I tends to look a little different each time I do it, and I don't mind if it looks a little rustic. Just keep practicing... you will find a way that works best for you!

7. Accessorise... totally optional of course, and entirely dependant on personal taste. You may think my flower looks a little nuts! My husband thinks my style is a little reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie!! (fingers crossed someone understands this reference ). Leave it unadorned, add a pretty crystal headband, or a statement flower crown, or pin in your fascinator and head to the races! The options are many and varied, and completely up to you. You can dress it up, or dress it down as you wish, which is one of the things that I love about this hairstyle.

I twist and pin sections along my hairline to
stop layers from escaping

From the back...

You can read all about Joico products here on their Australian website. 

 Are you a side chignon gal? Have you tried any Joico products lately that you love? Do leave a comment below if you would like to, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo


  1. Gorgeous, I love this! Looks stunning on you as well. I may need to check out these products as I have very fine hair without any volume :(

    Nicole xo

    1. Thanks Nicole! You are a sweetie! They are fab for volume...I recommend starting with the mousse, it gives great volume and thickness without feeling like you have fairy floss in your hair! Hope you are well! Lou xo


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