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Affinage Professional Hair Care | Review

Discovering great products is a thrill for a beauty lover like myself. Having the opportunity to share them with you here on my blog is indeed a privilege, and equally as thrilling to me.

I was recently contacted by Affinage Professional to see if they could send me some hair care products to try. I had not heard of Affinage, but was immediately delighted to learn that they are an Australian company, offering both salon colour products, as well as an extensive range of shampoo, conditioner, styling, and treatment products. 

Today, I would like to share with you the travel pack that I received. Three of these products are empty, and the fourth is getting close... if that gives you any indication of my thoughts!

I have always loved trying new hair care, and although I love many brands, I have never really been loyal to just one, and I find that in most cases my hair seems to like the change. For reference, I have blonde, shoulder length, highlighted hair, which is quite fine in texture. I like my hair products to be nourishing and moisturising ( because I terrorise it with bleach ), without making it heavy, limp and greasy looking. It's a pretty fine balance to get right, and my expectations are pretty high...

The travel pack that I received is one of four available, and contains products within a few of the different ranges that Affinage offer, all packaged nicely in a sturdy, well made re-usable pouch. 

White Ice is one of the ranges within the brand. It contains five different formulas of shampoo and conditioner, and one treatment product. 

Affinage Professional White Ice products boast a unique Diamond Blend formula, comprising of three C's;

CUT - Silk, Green Tea and UV filters protect, strengthen and shine

COLOUR - Cashmere, Rice and Milk Proteins replace essential nutrients

CLARITY - Pearl extract achieves an illuminating and radiant result

White Ice Moisturing Shampoo ( RRP full size 200ml  $21.00AU )

White Ice Moisturising Conditioner ( RRP full size 200ml  $21.00AU )

I was hooked on these from the first use. The shampoo creates a beautiful, velvety soft lather, smells gorgeous, and leaves your hair and scalp feeling so clean without a hint of squeak! You know when you have your hair washed at the hairdresser, and it feels so clean? Well that is exactly how this shampoo made my hair feel...glorious.
My scalp is often sensitive, and sadly, being acne prone as I am, I often experience acne on my scalp, and around my hairline as well (oh the joys). Whilst using these products, my scalp was calm and comfortable, and I did not have any nasty lumps or all.
The conditioner smells equally lovely, and despite being quite a thick, cream consistency, managed to smooth and soften my hair, and rinse away easily, leaving no heavy residue. Both products are sensorily a pleasure to use, for the lovely fragrance and beautiful texture, and left my hair feeling fresh, clean and shiny. Sadly, both of my bottles are well and truly empty. Love.

The Affinage Liquid Luxury Fusion Treatment ( RRP 30ml $11.00AU ) belongs to the Essential Oils range. These products are all sulphate, silicone and paraben free, and again, offer a wide range of shampoos, conditioners and moisturising treatments for all hair concerns.

Liquid Luxury is unlike any leave-in conditioning product I have used before. I applied this to my freshly washed, damp hair, as a leave in treatment. It has a very liquid texture, and you need to give the bottle a shake first. Given it's thin consistency, I dispense a small amount into my palm, smooth it in my hands, and then work it through my hair, adding a little more to the ends if I feel I need it. It is so lightweight you almost don't even feel the product in you hair, but it starts to soften and smooth it immediately. Post blow dry my hair felt so soft and silky, and looked so shiny, which is something that is hard to achieve with blonde hair. Even left to air dry, my hair just looked and felt healthy and shiny. And yes, it smells amazing, thanks to the Orange, Rose and Lavender oils it contains. Sadly, this too is empty...someone give me a litre bottle thank you...

Affinage Professional Black Ice Thermal Shield ( RRP 100ml $14.00AU 200ml $21.00AU ) is part of the Black Ice range, and is one of six products designed for the styling and finishing steps in your hair care routine.

Not only does Thermal Shield contain the Affinage Diamond Blend, it also contains Pomegranate extract, Blackberry leaf extract, Coconut oil, and Almond extract to protect and nourish your hair. It is not designed to add any extra hold to the hair, but is lightweight enough to easily layer other saying products over it. I love the pump, it sprays nice and evenly, and like the other Affinage products, smells gorgeous. Love.

Below, you will find the four different varieties available in the travel packs, which retail for $29.00AU. The shampoo, conditioner, and thermal shield  in these packs are all 100ml size, which I believe gives you a great amount of product to try. The treatments are 30ml size, and are very concentrated, so you only need a little each time. The pack I have spoken about today is the Moisturising Travel Pack.

Image courtesy of Affinage Professional

Head over the Affinage Professional website here to view the full range and find your local distributers.

Have you heard of Affinage Professional? Have you tried any of their products? 
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo


  1. OooOo did you undergo a blog transformation or am I just totally unobservant!?
    The shampoo sounds lovely! I've also got the occasional scalp acne problem going on so I might try this out! x

    1. A few months ago now...what do you think? Love love this range...highly recommend!! Lou xo


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