Wednesday 9 April 2014


Attention Aussie girls who LOVE a good Lippy!!

I discovered the relatively new Australian cosmetic brand Shanghai Suzy whilst having a mooch around the lovely Sarah's blog, More Than Adored. 

Shanghai Suzy are a lipstick only brand, based in Melbourne, Australia.  

Sarah has reviewed the 2013 launch collection on her blog, as well as the 2014 Autumn Winter collection. Her swatches are brilliant. She has also interviewed Jo Weaton, the founder of Shanghai Suzy, so do head on over to her blog to check out these great posts.

Shanghai Suzy release 8 shades within each seasonal, on trend collection. There are two formulas in the range, Nourish, and Matte. Both are outstanding. Each collection is limited edition.. once the shades are sold out, they're gone. Be quick lovelies...

Each of the lipsticks are $12.95 each.

You can purchase 3 shades and choose a 4th for free.

You can purchase the entire A/W 2014 collection of 8 shades for $65.00 with free shipping!

You can be a complete greedy guts like me and purchase a "Pick and Mix" of 8 shades of your choice for $65.00 with free shipping! 

I have 7 shades to share with you today! ( I purchased two of one particular shade, which was gifted to a dear family member ).

Perfect for storage, colour coded lids keep things functional and easy.

Left to Right - Miss Sophia-Lilac, Miss Kitty-Black Plum, Miss Georgina-Pink Plum, Miss Brooklyn-Rose, Miss Melissa-Hot Pink, Miss Tegan-Cherry, Miss Hannah-Blood Red.

Swatched in order corresponding to the previous photograph, in natural light.

SO... I was brave and tried to do some lip swatches as well. Do forgive the lighting differences, it was literally four seasons in one day. There is one shade that I have swatched below I believe may be sold out, Miss Brooklyn I'm looking at you.... please do head to the website here for up to date information and availablity of shades and much swooning...

 SHANGHAI SUZY Miss Sophia - Lilac,  Matte Lipstick

SHANGHAI SUZY Miss Kitty - Black Plum,  Matte Lipstick

SHANGHAI SUZY Miss Georgina - Pink Plum,  Nourish Lipstick

SHANGHAI SUZY Miss Brooklyn - Rose,  Nourish Lipstick

SHANGHAI SUZY Miss Melissa - Hot Pink,  Matte Lipstick

SHANGHAI SUZY Miss Tegan - Cherry,  Matte Lipstick

SHANGHAI SUZY Miss Hannah - Blood Red,  Nourish Lipstick

A few thoughts straight from the Beauty Vine's lips...

The most recent collection, Autumn/Winter 2014 are all Matte formulas. I am blown away by how comfortable this formula is on my lips. I own matte lipsticks from Revlon, Rimmel, MAC, and Maybelline, and Shanghai Suzy beats them all by a country mile. The pigment is rich and glorious, they are extremely long lasting, and yet still manage to feel so lightweight on the lips. There are some important application tips on the website, so do heed that advice to make the most of your finished look.

Three of my shades are in the Nourish formula. All three were from the Spring Summer 2013 launch, and as mentioned above, all shades are limited edition. Another beautiful formula, great colour pay-off, and they definitely feel nourishing and comfortable. Of course, being more moisturising, you will likely need to reapply more often. No problem.

They do have a distinct scent. A fruity, bubblegum scent inspired by Grape Hubba Bubba! It certainly takes me back to my childhood!
I did notice the scent to be quite strong when I first removed the lid, less so on application, and within a few minutes was not aware of it. I am not aware of any taste whilst wearing these lipsticks.

I really love, and am enjoying all of the shades that I purchased. If you asked me my current, "go-to" shade, it would have to be Miss Georgina. For me, it is the perfect everyday, pick-me-up, brighten-up-my-face shade. I may feel the need to purchase a back up...and if it is ever re-promoted, perhaps a suitable name change might be  "Miss Lou"...?

Just sayin....

Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are not tested on animals, and do not contain any animal derived ingredients. 

Do leave me a comment down below! I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

P.S. I purchased all of these lippies with my hard earned money. I am not affiliated with the brand, however if you see me in the street I will most likely be wearing one, have one in my purse, and be waving a Shanghai Suzy flag...


  1. Aww Lou! Your review is fantastic! Your photos look great and ALL the shades suit you amazingly. Miss Georgina is one of my faves as well, it's just so easy to wear.
    I'm so glad you purchased - I knew you wouldn't regret it at all :)

    Thank you for the mention too xxxx

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely compliments, that really means a lot!! Believe me!! I'm so glad I purchased as well!! And I think that I already knew that I would love know how that happens sometimes? Oh and my pleasure for the mention, Lou xo

  2. Loving the Miss Brooklyn - Rose shade just beautiful!

    1. It is beautiful, one of those perfect every day shades, but alas I think it is sold out lovely! I'm sure you would love these lippies, they really are an absolute favourite of mine, Lou x

  3. Great review, I've seen these lippies all over the blogging world lately! They seem really well priced too. Love the first four colours on the left, they look stunning on you :)

    1. Hallo Lovely! Well you know as soon as I saw Miss Melissa I instantly thought of you!! And yes, I think the price is brilliant for the quality, I am so impressed, I am sure you would love them too! Hope you are well! Lou xo

  4. these look so good!! I love the colours, do you know if they sell to the UK? X

    1. Oh unfortunately only Australia at the moment! I know they are planning to ship internationally, and working towards it in the near future...I wish I could say yes!! I will do an update if I hear anything for you! Lou xo

  5. I just found your blog through a tag! Im obsessed.
    Great review. I need to get my hands on Miss Sophia - Lilac!
    They all look so pretty on your lips!
    Dani |

    1. Hi Dani! Thank you so much! What a lovely compliment! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! They are such beautiful lippies...I highly recommend them...and such a great price too! Off to check out your blog! Lou xo

  6. Thanks for your review!!! It was super helpful. Loved all your swatches! I am obsessed with the lilac shade. Off to the site I go! Sorry credit card, hehe xx

    1. Oh Yes! I am regularly apologising to my credit card too!! Sure takes a beating..but there are just so many lovely things to try!! Do let me know if you purchase, and what you think...I'll be looking out for an appearance on instagram!! Lou xo

  7. Thanks for pointing me this way. Love the look of a few different shades and can't wait to check them out in person later this week. xx

  8. great swatches!! i'm trying to get better idea on the colours and thank goodness for your lovely lip swatches! all of them are great though so the decision is going to be hard hahaha #firstworldproblems


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