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TARTE: CC MATTE be MATTEnificent Palette, Photos, Swatches and Review

As soon as a I saw a picture of this palette, I just knew in my 'makeup heart' that I would love to own one of my own. The lovely Zoe from Zoeblogsbeauty posted a picture of this palette on Instagram, and whilst we were chatting ( and drooling) she let me know about Tarazz, an online site that purchases and ships Tarte (and many other brands), to Australia on your behalf from Sephora. 

And so my journey began...

This is my first experience with Tarte products, after hearing so much about them on You Tube and reading many blogs. It was always one of those unattainable brands, being very difficult to source in Australia. Such difficulties typically result in one wanting something even more!! Am I right?

The CC Matte 'be MATTEnificent' palette from Tarte is also my first all matte eyeshadow palette.

Yes...she is lovely.

I am by no means an eyeshadow officianado, however I have some photos, swatches and thoughts to share with you, and also a little bit about my shopping experience with Tarazz.

An extensive and detailed review of this palette can be found on Temptalia's website, which you can find here

Oh My....stunning packaging

In collaboration with Hollyannaeree, there are two "look" ideas included to follow.
A double ended brush comes with the palette. The shorter flatter shader brush packs colour on nicely, while the small precise blending end is quite stiff, and picks up the perfect amount of colour to slowly build up and blend the crease and defining shades.

Swatched in natural light no primer.

Far Left  'elevated'  blush
Top Row L-R 'sand out from the crow'  'peach for the stars'  'two plums up'
Bottom Row L-R  'pink outside the box'  'rose to the occasion'  'view from the taupe'

Left - 'dream in chocolate' 
Right - 'don't stand black' 

I have been using 'dream in chocolate'  as my go to is stunning. I push it into my upper lash line with a small, stiff angled brush. It beautifully lines your lashes for more subtle definition. I have put away my liquid liner. Both these shades are soft and creamy, and very nicely pigmented.

The Beauty Vine's Ramble

I can safely say that I have used this palette every day since she arrived. Now this may be partially due to the fact that it is my first all matte palette, and that it is new. Having said that, I find it perfect for an every day natural eye look, which is primarily what I do on the daily.


The packaging, apart from being sooooo pretty, is strong, sturdy and luxurious.
 It has a lovely full size mirror, and a nice quality double ended brush included which I have used and enjoy.


All of the eyeshadows are definitely matte, however in my humble opinion I believe when you apply the blush to the cheeks a tiny little sheen appears.

All shades are beautifully soft, and feel like silk to touch. If you are heavy handed with your brush you will kick up a lot of product. I just gently press my brush into the pan.

With the exception of the two liner shades and 'view from the taupe', they are quite powdery, however the pigment glides over the skin so beautifully. Definitely not one to fluff your brush about in like you're mixing up a batch of pikelets. Just be gentle.

On The Lids

I have tested the shadows both with and without a primer.

Without Primer : I found the colour payoff to be very good on my light/medium skin tone and the shadows lasted about 8 hours without fading or creasing on my oily eyelids.

With Primer :  I am currently using Bare Minerals Prime Time eyeshadow primer, and put these shadows to the test for a ten hour night shift delivering babies. And the end of my shift, close to 12 hours after application I had a tiny bit of creasing in the inner half of my lid...otherwise it still looked beautiful. The addition of primer improved the depth and colour payoff considerably, and would likely be a necessary step for you if you have a deeper skin tone.

I have only used the blush in elevated a couple of times. Tarte blushes have such a lot of hype around them, I was just so excited about owning one! Elevated is a new shade in the range of amazonian clay blushes.
In the swatch above I really had to work to build up the colour. It is a beautiful universal shade, though I was a little over excited building up the colour one day, and found it to look a little muddy on my cheeks. Now this is likely to be user error, but I need to do a little more playing with this one. If you have a medium to deeper skin tone I am not confident that it would be enough for you?

My Current Fav Combo

'sand out from the crowd'  all over the lid up to the brow bone
'rose to the ocassion'  in the crease and blend just above the crease
'dream in chocolate' to line the upper lash line
'pink outside the box' inner corner and brow highlight

Shopping with Tarazz

My shopping experience with Tarazz was very positive. I have nothing negative to say.

Have a browse here

Tarazz markets itself as an online shopping mall, and that is a great way of describing it.

You can shop for women and mens apparel, homewares, luggage, children's toys and of course beauty.
You are purchasing from the actual stores, with Tarazz as your middle man.

From pressing the 'confirm payment' button ( *heart rate rises*) to the palette arriving on my doorstep from the US was 9 days in total. Nice.

I received three emails during that time informing me of each stage of my order. I knew where my order was, and its next destination.

It was well wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged securely, and arrived in perfect condition.

I paid $48.13 AU for the palette, and $15.00 for shipping.
$63.13 in total, which I believe is great value for 8 good sized eyeshadows, and a great sized blush, all wrapped up in a beautiful palette.

This is Limited Edition!!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please feel free to leave a question below in the comments section, or just tell me all of your favourite Tarte products!


Lou xo


  1. Loved your review! I'm so glad I picked up this palette too. It's become one of my everyday favourites. Thanks so much for linking back to me, I will do the same xx

  2. Thanks so much Zoe, I really appreciate the feedback! I linked you because of your help and encouragement, please don't feel you need to reciprocate. Thanks again for your lovely comment, Lou xo

  3. So pretty! It's almost too pretty to use :) gorgeous photos btw!

    1. Hey Sarah! It is pretty! Glad you liked the photos! Lou xo

  4. Beautiful palette, thorough review! I'm also commenting to let you know I tagged you in my Liebster Award post today. Have a look at my blog for the questions if you want to join in :)

    1. Well that's lovely! Thank you v much! Love connecting with other bloggers, very happy to join in, thank you, Lou xo


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