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Davines Hair Care | NOU NOU | Review

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I have a review for you today on the beautiful davines NOU NOU hair care range.
It is one of the many davines products that you can purchase from the Australian online beauty mecca
Recreate Yourself.

This beautiful gift set was sent to me for review, and I have my thoughts to share with you today!

davines is a family owned Italian hair care brand with long history of developing high quality, in salon hair care and colouring products. With a focus on sustainability, and inspired by their cultural heritage, davines is indeed an absolutely lovely brand. I have tried a couple of samples of their products in the past, and was really impressed.

davines NOU NOU range is a part of their Essential Haircare range, and is designed for bleached, highlighted, brittle hair types. Whilst I wouldn't class my hair as brittle, it has certainly seen its far share of bleach over the years! I have recently had a big change, and cut off my medium length hair in favour of a longish pixi cut. I am still getting used to it, but I am loving how quick and easy it is for me to style in the mornings when I am trying to get four children off to school whilst concurrently comforting a teething baby on my hip. I enjoy using good quality products on my hair, and am always up for switching up my products and trying something new, especially if they smell good!

davines NOU NOU Shampoo is just lovely. It quickly transforms into a dense, moisturising lather, and then rinses cleanly and easily. My hair and scalp feel clean and refreshed, without feeling stripped or squeaky! If you have highlighted/bleached hair you will know what I mean by this! davines describe the scent as " citrus, spicy and aromatic note " however it is quite subtle and not at all overpowering. I would describe the scent as slightly citrusy, clean and little powdery. It's lovely.

250ml RRP - $32.95 AUD.

davines NOU NOU conditioner is equally as lovely, and is packaged in a plastic pot with a flip top lid. It is surprising easy to use, just pop up the lid, scoop out the product and pop the lid back down. Nothing worse than trying to screw a lid back on a jar of product with wet hands whilst trying not to let said product plop on the shower floor! Do you feel me?! I digress... it is indeed a rich, thick luxurious conditioner which does a stellar job of hydrating and detangling my locks. I always try to take a little time to give my scalp a massage for a minute or two. It is an easy way to incorporate a little bit of self care, and whilst not a patch on having someone else do it, it is great for your scalp and can assist in helping you feel relaxed. Like the shampoo, the conditioner rinses very nicely, and leave my hair feeling soft and nourished. Love.

250ml RRP - $32.95 AUD.

davines NOU NOU Hair Mask is another winner in my book. My very first hair stylist ( whom I still miss very much due to her rudely moving interstate ) recommended to me to use a hair mask in place of a normal conditioner for those times when you feel your hair needs some extra nourishment. I will often do this for one week out of the month, particularly in summer when my hair feels the effects of lots of swimming and exposure to the sun. Like the conditioner, the hair mask hydrates and nourishes without weighing down my hair, and without making it look and feel greasy the next day like some products can have a tendency to do. It's a good one!

250ml RRP - $39.95 AUD.

I have also found that whilst using this range, my hair has become shiny again! If you have blonde/highlighted hair like me, you will know how difficult it is to get it to reflect light! It has also helped to maintain the 'brightness' of my blonde, meaning I have needed to reach for my purple toning shampoo a great deal less than I would normally.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, these products were sent to me as a trio gift set from Recreate Yourself. I have just checked on the site, and it would appear that the NOU NOU gift sets have sold out already, so I apologise for that most sincerely! The products I have mentioned are all available individually on the website, at prices which are quite comparable. 

Head over to the RY website here to check out their huge range of davines products, many of which are also available in travel sizes. RY Brickworks has also recently opened in sunny Southport, Queensland, so you lucky folk living nearby can pop in and potter around to your hearts content!

RY also stock some of my favourite beauty brands such as AlphaH, Bioderma, Becca, Bite beauty, Lanolips, Metta Skincare, OPI, DnA Elements, Lulu & Lipstick, Eco Tools and Real Techniques just to name a few!

Have you tried davines? Do you have a favourite haircare brand? Or do you prefer to spend you beauty dollars on skincare or makeup rather than your hair? Let me know in the comments below...I'd love to hear from you!

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Lou xo

This is not a sponsored post. Thank you RY for providing the lovely davines.

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