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JetSet Gel | At-home Gel Manicure Starter Kit | Review

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I have a review for you today all about the JETSET GEL Nail Starter Kit. I was kindly sent this kit for review purposes and I'm ready to share my thoughts, and swatches with you today!

JETSET GEL are a new Australian company aiming to bring you a salon manicure in the comfort of your own home. Sound good to you? Whether you are a regular gel mani lover, or just like to dabble now and then like me, having your own complete kit at home is brilliant. We are all a little time poor these days, and having to fit in an appointment at the local salon can be difficult. Not only that, but the cost of regular salon gel manicures can certainly add up over time. Having everything you need at home will give you a gorgeous long lasting manicure, and you will be able to offer to do your friends and families nails too! Trust me, they will love it!

If you'd like to hear my thoughts on the JETSET GEL Nail Starter Kit, then please read on!

JETSET GEL Nail Starter Kit 

As you can see in the photograph above, the JETSET GEL Nail Starter Kit gives you everything you need to start doing your own gel manicures at home.

The kit contains an LED curing lamp, Base and Top Coats, three gorgeous shades in Cotton Clouds, Runway Red and Pink Horizons, Nail file and buffer, Metal cuticle pusher, Gel Polish remover and remover wraps, and easy to follow instructions.The kit is priced at $118.45 AUD.

JETSET GEL Cotton Clouds
Cotton Clouds is a beautiful, natural beige shade. I have applied two coats of Cotton Clouds in the photograph above. You can see that the nail line is still slightly visible, which I don't mind at all. I think a third coat would give you an opaque finish if that's what you would prefer. 
My nails were quite short, and not in the best condition at this time, so I found it difficult to wrap the tips with the top coat properly when I did this mani. Coupled with my dry, peeling nails, I still managed to get a good week of wear from this manicure before the tip wear and edges lifting got the better of me. I'm lucky to last a week without wanting to change my polish anyway, but had my nails been in better condition, and if i had wrapped the tips adequately, I think I would have definitely increased the wear time. I am very fussy with how my nails look in general, so at the first sign of wear or chipping I am compelled to do a fresh mani!

JETSET GEL Runway Red.
This gorgeous red mani belongs to my Mother-in-Law, whom I roped in to have her nails done just before Christmas last year ( it didn't take much convincing!) I ended up applying three very thin coats of polish for her mani, and she had gorgeous nails for two weeks before any signs of wear and tear. She loved it!
Runway Red is a beautiful red with cool undertones that would suit most complexions. It has a very subtle sparkle deep within, which gives it more of a glow, than obvious shimmer on the nail.

JETSET GEL Pink Horizons ( outdoor lighting ).
JETSET GEL Pink Horizons ( indoor lighting ).
 Pink Horizons is a very natural, warm pink translucent polish. It would be perfect for a French Manicure. It also has a very pretty subtle shimmer, which is just visible in direct light. It makes for a lovely fresh and natural looking manicure, with the lovely glossy shine that you get from a good gel polish. I have used three coats here.

The directions included in the starter kit are easy to follow for both application and removal. Do follow them! 

Remember that gel polishes give you plenty of play time, meaning that you can really perfect, and thin out your coats of polish without any worry of the polish drying whilst you are working with it. It is one of the great things about gel polishes!

Heed the directions and avoid leaving any polish you may have accidentally put on your skin. Again, you have plenty of time to clean up, and remove polish from the skin around your nails, and cuticles before you cure under the light.

The timer on the LED lamp that is included has three time settings, 30, 60 and 90 seconds. Do note that all of the JETSET Gel polishes, including top and base coats require a 2 minute  ( 120 second ) cure for each coat. This means you will need to reset your timer for each coat. I just do 2 x 60 seconds. 

When it comes to removal, be patient. You need to let the remover wraps sit on the nails for the recommended time. If you do, as you lift off the wrap, the gel polish will have lifted off the nail, and just be waiting for you to scoop it off. Don't dig or chip away at any areas that may be stubborn and still adhered to the nail... re-wrap and soak them, and let the acetone do it's job. If you start digging and picking, you will undoubtedly remove layers of your nail along with it. 

I also like to follow removal with a generous flood of good quality oils and balms for the next day or two, just to add some moisture back into the nail bed. Also, be gentle when you buff them prior to your polish application, you only need to do a light handed gentle buff.

Head over to the JETSET GEL website here to purchase your own kit, with free shipping Australia wide. I also have a discount code! Just use the code: 10%FORYOU to receive 10% off your order!

Are you a fan of gel manicures? Have you attempted to do your own before? If you have any tips or tricks that you find helpful please leave them in the comments below! If you have any questions, please leave them below too! 

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Disclaimer: The JETSET Gel kit was generously sent to me for review. This post is not sponsored. The links provided are not affiliate links. Cheers xo

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