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Sephora Australia Exclusive Brands Showcase | Part Two...COVER | FX and NUDESTIX

Part two of my Sephora Exclusive Brands Event will focus on two exciting new brand launches into Sephora Sydney, COVER | FX and NUDESTIX.

COVER | FX,  loved by professional makeup artists around the world, is a Canadian based, cruelty free company that offers healthy formulations designed to match every skin tone, and be safe for even the most sensitive skin. The two products featured at the showcase were the innovative Custom Cover Drops, and the Cream Contour Kit. I was gifted the Contour Kit in the shade Neutral Medium.

NUDESTIX are a very cleverly designed, no-makeup makeup line, created by a Mum, Jenny, and marketed by her two daughters, Ally and Taylor. NUDESTIX are all about enhancing your natural features with easy to use cosmetics all designed in a compact, chubby pencil format. From concealers, contour and highlight shades for the face, to lip and cheek pencils, lip colour pens, and a variety of eyeshadow formulas, all presented in sturdy tin "pencil case" type packaging, NUDESTIX will certainly streamline your makeup bag. The shades are mostly neutral, every day shades that will appeal to many, and application is as easy as a quick swipe of colour, blend and go. I have an Eye Pencil Duo to share with you today.

If you would like to see swatches of the products and hear my thoughts, then please keep reading!

COVER | FX Contour Kits

COVER | FX Custom Cover Drops

COVER | FX is a brand that I am not personally familiar with, but I had a really good chat with the brand rep on the day of the showcase. I was most intrigued by the recently released Custom Cover Drops, which are now available in store. I am hanging out to try these, and have heard many positive reviews on the beauty bloggersphere! I love the idea of being able to create your own custom coverage, using your existing skincare and foundations. These highly pigmented drops are able to be mixed with your favourite primer, moisturiser, tinted moisturiser, or foundation to create your own custom base, I certainly have these on my list next time I visit Sephora! They currently have 25 shades in the range, and that will be extended to a whopping 40 shades in the coming months.

COVER | FX Contour Kit N-Medium RRP $67.00 AUD  $48.00 USD.

COVER | FX Contour Kit  N-Medium

COVER | FX Contour Kit N-Medium From Left  1. N-20   2. Starlight  3. N-60  4. N80
From Left  1. N-20 blended out  2. Starlight  3. N-60   4. N-80 Blended out

The COVER | FX Cream Contour Kits are a palette consisting of three shades of cream foundation, along with an illuminating cream highlighter. The formula of these cream contour shades is exactly the same as the  COVER | FX Total Cover cream foundations. They have simply placed the shades from their range into designated contour palettes, and you choose the palette based on your skintone. There are six contour palettes available, featuring a range of undertones and shades.

The formula is creamy, pigmented, and blends beautiful into the skin. The palette that I have is designed for medium skin tones, slightly deeper than my own skin tone. I like to apply the product with a concealer brush, and then blend it in with either my fingers, a synthetic brush, or a damp beauty blender. I would describe the finish on the skin as satin and very natural.

The highlight shade in the palette, N-20 is designed for brightening areas of the face, is actually quite close to my current normal foundation shade. I patted some of this under my eyes as a concealer the other day and it worked beautifully! For those of you with a medium skin tone, it would certainly be more brightening. The illuminating highlight shade, Starlight, is actually quite pigmented, and offers some coverage as well as a lovely luminosity. It is gorgeous! I have not tried the deepest shade on my skin, simply because it is just too dark, but I have enjoyed warming up the outer perimeters of my face with N-60.

You can certainly adjust the coverage by either sheering out the product, or building it up in thin layers. It works well either way on my skin. Although I adore the finish and look of cream foundations on my skin, they typically don't agree with my acneaic skin, so I just have to be careful not to use them too often. The ease with which these blend is in part due to the waxes present in the formulation, and my oily combo skin seems to like breaking it up after about 4-5 hours of wear. I will keep experimenting with this palette, and certainly keep you updated. I think perhaps normal, and dryer skin types would love this formula.

Worth noting is that this formula is free from parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc, and is also vegan.

You can find out more about COVER | FX here.

NUDESTIX Eye Shadow Pencil Duo  RRP $31.00 AUD Left - Magnetic Eye Colour Pencil in ANGEL
Right - Sheer Eye Pencil in BRONZE 

NUDESTIX  Magnetic Eye Colour in Angel ( Swatch on the left ) is a beautiful, peach toned champagne shade that really brightens up your eyes. The Magnetic formula is designed to be long wearing, and I find this to be mostly accurate. If I place too much product near the crease of my eye, I find it does start to shift a little after about 6 hours, which is still pretty good for my oily eyelids. This shade looks just beautiful right behind your lash line , accompanied by lashings of mascara! I rarely place a highlighting shade near my inner corner, as it will typically migrate within about 30 mins on me, however this formula lasts beautifully, and this shade is so brightening for the inner corner! Love.

NUDESTIX Sheer Eye Colour in Bronze is an even creamier, softer formula than the Magnetic Eye Colour. It glides onto the eyes with ease, and is designed to be blended out for a very natural, sheer wash of colour on the lids. The pencil is doubled ended, with a sponge tip on the other end to blend the pencil if you desire. The photograph above shows quite a heavy swatch of this satin finish, deep brown/bronze shade. You can build up the intensity if you wish, however the colour does sheer out a lot if you do blend it. For me personally, this works best as a base for a powder eyeshadow, as alone, it did not last very long before creasing and fading on me. If you are blessed with eye lids that do not pump out ridiculous amounts of oil like mine, I am sure you would find the longevity to be much improved. 

The kit comes with a separate sharpener, which sharpens these pencils like a boss. Best sharpener I've ever used! The lid of the sturdy little matte black tin also contains a good size mirror. I think you might be able to fit four or five of these pencils in each tin. Perfect for travel!

I am keen to try out the Lip and Cheek pencils next... they have some beautiful shades!

You can find out more about NUDESTIX here.

Have you tried any COVER | FX  or  NUDESTIX products? Do leave a comment below, or any questions you might like to ask!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

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