Monday, 16 March 2015

My Natural, Everyday Makeup Look with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

I have used, and enjoyed mineral makeup for the last four to five years. As someone with acne prone skin, I was initially drawn to it because of it's lightweight, but buildable coverage that was going to let my skin 'breathe' and not exacerbate my acne. I have tried quite a few different brands and formulas over the years, and when offered the opportunity to try Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics I said yes please!

Today, I have some thoughts to share with you regarding the products, and some photographs of the makeup on my skin. I created a very quick and simple everyday look using the products below. This type of makeup look is really the only one I am good at!! I have been putting my "face on" for many years now, and honestly I do wear some sort of makeup on a daily basis. Some people may be gasping in horror, but most people who have experienced acne, or any other disfiguring skin condition will probably understand. I do try to keep things looking as natural as possible, whilst evening out my skin and giving my face a bit of colour, glow and subtle definition. 

I was surprised to discover that Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics were founded in 1996, almost 20 years ago! Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, used her knowledge and experience as a medical aesthetician to develop a range of mineral based cosmetics that would provide excellent coverage, whilst still allowing the skin to breathe. The first product developed,  the Natural Mineral Foundation, and was designed for patients recovering from laser treatments, acne, rosacea and cosmetic surgeries. Free of talc, oil, parabens, fragrance, Youngblood boast luxurious, lightweight, and non-comedogenic formulas in sleek, sophisticated packaging, and are cruelty free.

YOUNGBLOOD  Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad - Timeless
L-R Doe, Coco, Desert, Haze.
Swatched in indirect natural light.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics
L - R   Lipgloss - Da-ja Vu,  Pressed Mineral Blush - Blossom
Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows as per previous swatches.
Swatched in direct natural light

Natural Mineral Foundation - Soft Beige

If you are familiar with mineral foundations, you may be aware that the formula's can vary greatly, depending on the brand. Some are more on the dry side, and others are more creamy. This mineral powder falls into the creamier category, and I really like it. On the skin, it gives what I would call a satin finish, not shiny or sparkly, just natural and glowing. The shade I have is in Soft Beige, which is a pretty good match for my light-medium skin tone. It has a slight yellow undertone which I prefer as it helps to counteract the redness I can experience in my skin at times.

I start with a small amount tapped into the lid, pick up the powder with a kabuki brush, hold it upright and tap the base of the brush lightly in the palm of my hand. I personally like to do this, as it allows some of the minerals to drop into the bristles. When you first place the brush to your face, an overloaded brush can mean that the product can look at little heavy in that area. As I said, this is just the way I like to do it to avoid any areas looking cakey. A light hand is best with creamy formulas like this one in my humble opinion. I start on one side of my face, on the cheek area, and blend the foundation in circular motions around my cheeks, sweep it down the side of my chin, up and across the side of my nose, and then up to my temples and forehead area. I then repeat the same process on the other side. Without adding any more product, I will then spend a few minutes lightly buffing the minerals into my skin. I find that as you do this, the minerals can really blend into the skin, it perfects the finish and improves the coverage without adding any additional product. Like many cosmetic products, it is best to start with a little a build up coverage gradually. For the photographs below, I did one layer of the mineral foundation. You can still see some of my pigmentation and freckles peaking through, which I don't mind at all. I'm not about full coverage for my everyday makeup, but I think one layer gives me a nice medium coverage, evens out my skintone, and gives my skin a nice fresh look. If you compare the skin on my neck and chest area to my face, you can see the coverage that it gives.
I like to follow my mineral foundations with a good spritz of a hydrating facial mist. I find that it helps the foundation to meld with the skin. Youngblood do have a variety of facial mists available, however I have not tried them. I will share some of my favourite hydrating mist toners in another post!

Ultimate Concealer - Medium

This concealer is quite creamy to touch and easy to blend, and can be applied lightly for sheer coverage, or built up to a medium coverage. Some concealers with particularly emollient formulas can slip and slide on the skin, however this one does not. I found it best to apply with a flat concealer brush, and then blend a little if needed with my fingertips. I also used a thin layer of this as my eyeshadow primer and it worked a treat! I found that it did not completely cancel out the bluish undertones I have under my eyes, but it did diminish them nicely for an everyday look. I did have to build up the concealer over a few pesky blemishes, but it did the job nicely and I was able to blend away the edges easily.
I always apply my concealer after my mineral foundation. I have never had any issues doing it this way, and find if I use it prior to the minerals I end up just buffing it away. 

Pressed Mineral Blush - Blossom

An everyday makeup look is never without blush for me. It is a staple in my routine, and is one product that ALWAYS makes me feel, and look fresher and a little more awake than I typically feel! 
Blossom is a beautiful pinky/peach shade with what I would call a slightly warm, almost terracotta undertone, perfect for an everyday natural look. It has a matte finish, however the finish on the skin is not flat at all. I added a little of the eyeshadow in the shade Desert straight over the top of the blush, to give a little bit more glow ( cos when you're 40, you need all the help you can get.. ).

Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Palette - Timeless

A lovely neutral eyeshadow palette with 3 matte shades and one shimmer. The formula of all four shades is smooth and blendable. The lightest shade Doe, does not swatch particularly well on my arm, however it works beautifully as a matte highlight on the browbone. The shade Coco, described by Youngblood as a medium, warm chocolate brown also has a matte finish, and I applied it all over my lid and up into my crease. I used my finger to tap a little bit of the shade Desert, a peachy golden shimmer, onto the centre of my lid. As I mentioned earlier, I also used this shade on my cheeks, over my blush to add a subtle glow.
I used the cooler, grey toned shade Haze softly along my upper lash line with a small angled brush. Using the same brush, I took a little of both Haze and Coco, and filled in my brows. These pressed shadows really adhere nicely to the skin, and I found these two shadows to work perfectly to even out my brows and give them a little bit of definition. You could certainly build up the colour if your brows are darker than mine. These eyeshadows are a pleasure to use, and quite multifunctional...gotta love that!

Lipgloss - Da-ja-Vu

Smack bang on the rosey brown/neutral lip trend, this lipgloss has become a firm favourite of mine. It is not sticky in the least, very nourishing, gives your lips a plump, hydrated appearance whilst conditioning them with natural oils. It has a really nice amount of colour pay off, and works perfectly on its own without any other lip product required. I adore this formula, and feel absolutely compelled to own more shades...

All photographs below are unedited and were taken in natural light to try to give you the most honest representation of not only my skin, but the colours of the products that I used. I am a makeup enthusiast, not a makeup artist, and I am also not in my first flush of youth, so please be kind!

You can click the link Here to go to Youngblood Australia's website, where you will find a plethora of information and all of their products. You will also find lists of stockists, both bricks and mortar and online. I found quite a variation in pricing on some of the online stockists, so I have not included individual pricing in this post. I will say that they do tend to sit in the mid to higher end in terms of pricing, however I would not hesitate to recommend them, and would indeed spend my own money to purchase more. 

Have you tried any Youngblood Mineral products? Are you a mineral makeup lover? Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section...I always love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo


  1. The eyeshadow quad looks gorgeous!
    Love the look that you did Lou ! :)

    1. It's really pretty...lovely neutral palette! Thank you for the lovely compliment, my poor old tired face!! Hope you are well sweetie!! Lou xo

  2. This foundation is perfection :) And this look is BEAUUUTIFUL!! :) - I have the same shade and it matches me perfectly as well.. Unfortunately I don´t respond well to bismuth oxychloride:( So I can only use it every now and then, but it truly has an outstanding glow unlike any other mineral foundations in my collection.. Was researching to see if I could find some swatches of their pressed mineral blushes in sugar plum, and bashful. I didn´t! But that´s how I came across this post:) Youngblood is so under underrated, it makes me sad..


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