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I must confess, I have been a little remiss in posting about these gorgeous lippies, as they have been available for some months now. I have noticed Joanna ( founder of Shanghai Suzy ) posting a few sneak peaks of the new Autumn/Winter '15 collection on Instagram over the last few weeks, and it has spurred me on to get these swatches up for you! I do believe that a full re-stock of the these shades occurred in mid January, and seeing as these shades are all limited edition, it is certainly time to think about grabbing your favourites before they disappear forever! ( Forgive me, limited edition products always have an associated drama... ).

My first blog post on Shanghai Suzy lipsticks is here... click through to this link to find out all about Shanghai Suzy, and their founder Joanna Wheaton. You will also find more information about the two formulas that these lipsticks come in, Nourish, and Matte. They are still, hands down one of my favourite lipstick formulas, in particular the Matte formula, which is the most comfortable, least drying matte lipstick formula I have come across in my 20 odd years of lipstick wearing ( more drama... )

The last six months has seen a phenomenal increase in the amount of stockists for this gorgeous brand, in both bricks and mortar, and online. Not only exciting for the brand and its growth, but for us customers as well!

I have 7 of the 8 shades available to show you today.....I had originally purchased three of the shades, and then shortly after ordered two more that I just had to have! In that package, were a couple of extra shades that Joanna had so generously added to my order! Thank you Jo! The only shade I am missing from this collection is Miss Ally, a deep, bright cool toned purple.

LEFT TO RIGHT - Miss Leah BABY COCOA ( Nourish )  Miss Olivia APRICOT ( Nourish )  
Miss Nicole BURGANDY BROWN ( Matte )   Miss Bree PINK BLUSH ( Matte )  
Miss Christina NEON GUAVA ( Matte )
Miss Mia FOXY HIBISCUS ( Matte )   Miss Courtney ELECTRIC FLAMINGO ( Matte )



Aren't they BEYOOTIFUL? 

I do have a couple of favourites. I love them all, but there are a couple of shades I  find myself reaching for more often.  Miss Leah ( Baby Cocoa ) is a stunning nude, which has the perfect amount of pink undertones. Beige or peach undertones in nudes just don't suit my colouring, and tend to give me the walking corpse look.  I LOVE that this is a nourish formula, it has a lovely sheen which makes it so wearable, and so comfortable. Shanghai Suzy's Nourish formulas are enriched with Jojoba and Vitamin E, and just feel good on your lips. I believe Miss Leah has been one of the best sellers in this collection, so grab her now before she's gone!

Miss Nicole ( Burgandy Brown ) is another fave, and described by Shanghai Suzy as a deep, rich chocolate brown with a burgandy hue. This one takes me back to the nineties for sure! Not only was I actually alive in the nineties, I was in my teens/early 20's, so I can tell you from first hand experience, everyone was rocking the rich chocolate lip! I love it! Though stunning applied as a bold, matte lip, she is also very pretty, and a little softer if you blot her down a little. I have also just tapped this shade into my lips with my finger, and you end up with a beautiful burgandy stain. Gorgeousness.

Miss Mia ( Foxy Hibiscus ) I'm not sure if there are enough adjectives in the world for me to adequately describe how much I bloody love this shade. Second from the right in my swatches, she is STUNNING in every sense of the word. She is a matte formula, but imagine a creamy, luminous matte that glides onto your lips like butter. A cool toned, pink based hibiscus red that just glows. I'm obsessed. I am wearing Miss Mia in my profile picture for the blog. The perfect summer red, or anytime red really...she certainly is foxy, and I must admit, I feel a bit foxy when I wear her...

You can find Shanghai Suzy's website here,  with full list of Australian stockists, and the option to shop online straight from the website. The packaging of the lids has changed recently to a clear plastic, instead of black. I am sorry to say that International lippy lovers are left salivating, hopefully shipping options will become available soon, and i will certainly update you when that happens.

Which shades tickle your fancy? Do you have a shade of lipstick that makes you feel foxy? It doesn't matter how old you are, there is enough foxy to go around! You rock it girl!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo

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