Friday, 31 October 2014

MAC New York Haul

A visit to the MAC store was high on my list on my recent trip to New York. As we only had a short time in the city, and believe me there is so much to see and do, I knew I had to be decisive and focused! Although I would have loved to be colour matched for base products, and filled my basket with a million goodies, I just didn't have time, so it was lipsticks and eyeshadows that came home with me. The MUA that helped me was lovely...seriously could have played in there for hours...

So a little show and tell today, 4 new lippies and an eyeshadow quad that I put together. I love everything, and am very happy with my purchases...come and have a look!

The Loot...


I was really keen to try a couple of different finishes in the lipsticks. Both Brick-O-La and Craving are Amplified, and are both stunning! Gorgeous saturated colour, Craving leans a little more plum, and Brick-O-La a warmer, muted, very wearable red. Twig is a Satin, and has a comfortable, satin/matte finish on the lips. I have worn this quite a few is an absolutely gorgeous, deep neutral and it fits the nineties lip trend very nicely!! Lustering was calling to me...such a beautiful shade, and it is a Lustre finish. These types of shades can be a little intimidating in an opaque formula, but this is sheer, moisturising and just really pretty for spring/summer!


As I mentioned, the MUA that helped me was lovely ( so sorry I can't remember her name ), and helped me put together these four gorgeous shadows. My aim was to have lovely warm shades, and I am so happy with my choices. On a side note, these are my first MAC eyeshadows...

Both Woodwinked and Mythology are perfect lid shades that I will happily blend up into the crease. I have wanted Woodwinked for the longest time, and Mythology has the most beautiful rose gold tone. Love them both! Rice Paper is a beautiful highlight shade for is a soft, pale gold that gives a gorgeous, subtle glow to the inner corner and brow bone. Brown Script was my choice for a deeper toned matte shade. I love its warm, reddish undertones...I have been loving this on my top lash line instead of liner. 


Slightly out of focus...but gosh it shows the gorgeous glow of Woodwinked and Mythology!

I am very happy with my new lovelies! Do you have any of these shades? I would love to know your favourite MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lou xo


  1. They are so pretty! Wish they were mine :)

    1. They are very pretty! Love and recommend everything! Lou xo

  2. Great Haul, I now have a few more lipsticks to add to my list of things to get :)

    1. Hey Lovely! Did I do good? Loving my new lippy's! I'm sure you would love these shades too! Lou xoxo

  3. I don't have any of these lipsticks or eyeshadows, but I can already see you wear them, these are so your colours!!

    Love <3

  4. I am drooling in front of the lipsticks you have!! Makes me want to get more Mac lipsticks!!


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